Playing co-op - no loot for player 2?

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User Info: pinky0926

3 years ago#1
Started a co-op split screen game with my friend. He's zero (assassin) and player 2, I'm axton (soldier) and player 1.

We've noticed basically no sniper rifles at all so far (up to level 8). All the loot seems to be for the soldier, I.e shotguns and assault rifles.

I played borderlands 1, and I remember loot would be biased depending on what character you played as, so if you were the hunter you would mostly get pistols and snipers.

Does loot only go biased for player 1 in this game? Or is it just coincidence?
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User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#2
No, Gearbox in their "infinite" wisdom changed it so that in BL2, certain loot doesnt drop till after you reach certain levels so that "the starting player isnt overwhelmed with loot". So in a way yes its biased but based on level not character.
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User Info: Demotivating

3 years ago#3
I remember reading somewhere on the gearbox software website that the game is designed to introduce the weapon classes based on levels. So for example: assault rifles start to drop at level 2, shotguns at level 7 (made up numbers), etc. Sniper rifles were one of the later classes unlocked with launchers being the last. Just keep playing and you'll see some sniper rifles very soon.
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