Legendary Loot Midget Question

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User Info: RelisusFidelity

3 years ago#1
A buddy and myself have been running Doctors Orders loot midget runs solo and as a party both. It consistently gives better loot to each of us when we do it solo than we do it together. Is this just pure chance or is there something to that? I can't imagine they would program loot midgets to drop less with more people.

User Info: xxlordnosferatu

3 years ago#2
This happens to me as well. I will do about 10 runs solo and usually get 1 or 2 legendary items per run. Maybe 1 pearl as well. They seem to drop less often. I'll message one of my friends about how nice the LLMs are being right now. We'll party-up and do 5 more runs together. We'll end up with nothing to show for it except some E-Tech Relics.

It does seem strange. But LLMs aside, I seem to have really great luck finding Legendary gear whilst playing solo.
I'll try harder tomorrow.
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