Extremely idiotic farming question

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User Info: demonwyrm

3 years ago#1
I have no problems farming for my own gear. That being said, I was farming Hunter Hellquist for a Bee shield. He dropped one in less then 10 tries. Only problem is, it was a level 48, this particular character is at 51. I know for a fact that I've never faced this guy below level 50. Does that mean that the level of the gear you're farming is also random? Will I need to farm multiple Bee shields before I get the level I want? Again, I understand how idiotic this question may seem.
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User Info: The1hHhbk

3 years ago#2
have you completed the game in TVHM to raise everything up to level 50?

Also, enemies sometimes drop lower level gear. Just keep trying. shouldn't take long.
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User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#3
Gear can drop +/- 2 levels from you. I am just guessing your on TVHM and getting yourself some extras to start UVHM which means Everything will be capped at 50 so level 48 is possible. you wont get anything at your level of 51 due to this.
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User Info: demonwyrm

3 years ago#4
Yeah, I'm pretty close to the end of TVHM and I was looking for some decent gear to start UVHM. I wasn't sure if legendary gear that's dropped can vary from your level or not.
GT/PSN: demonwyrm666x

User Info: mooninomics

3 years ago#5
Yeah, everything can vary from the level of what's dropping it to some extent. What drake_skull said about give-or-take two levels sounds about right.

But yes, even when you do get something, it might not be at the level you'd prefer. And on top of that, you've also got all the different parts to think about, giving it different stats.

Happy hunting!
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User Info: reload88

3 years ago#6
You will need to finish tvhm first so all enemies and gear will scale to 50. I don't think at that point he's level 50,~48 iirc. Even if you finish tvhm there will still a chance he'll drop lower level loot. I've wasted many hours farming level 72 only to end up with level 70-71.............sigh

That last part wasn't ment to discourage you, sorry if it did lol.
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