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User Info: xliner

3 years ago#1
Make your choice... - Results (36 votes)
5 (Best)
22.22% (8 votes)
33.33% (12 votes)
4 (Good)
22.22% (8 votes)
11.11% (4 votes)
3 (Indifferent)
8.33% (3 votes)
0% (0 votes)
2 (Bad)
2.78% (1 votes)
0% (0 votes)
1 (Worst)
0% (0 votes)
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Never used one.
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User Info: Phoenixmon2

3 years ago#2
Is the singularity supposed to be stronger? Kinda disappointed me. The damage is good, but enemies.can go flying past the radius and not get hit by the Tesla effect.

3.5 if it's a good one.

User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

3 years ago#3
i like it, but i wish if could have different elements. the storm front is THE shock grenade to have. id love it if it could come in slag.

pretty good on a b0re specced zer0. but there are better grenades. a good longbow slag singularity grenade is tough to find, but it is great.

good crowd control item though.
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User Info: Lahar

3 years ago#4
Best singularity. I still use a 61 on my OP8s. As such it's not for the element or Tesla effect.
I said runt.

User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#5
A very good grenade in a tactical sense. I used the heck out of the one I had at 61
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User Info: xHuckleberry

3 years ago#6

Its good. But it aint slag.

So i'll stick to my purp slag singie
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User Info: Anarki471

3 years ago#7
While i don't like Hyperion guns this grenade mod is pretty good, honestly though, i'd rather have a Storm Front

Honestly, when do you feel the need to aim for crits when everything is on fire? "xliner"

User Info: danishjuggler21

3 years ago#8
My favorite grenade. It's the ultimate stalker killer.
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User Info: Kurgan777

3 years ago#9
Argyle_Gargoyle posted...
i like it, but i wish if could have different elements.

IIRC there's a couple other legendary Singularity grenade mods that do the other elements.
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User Info: genesis42

3 years ago#10
Gave it a 4.5. Only thing holding it back from getting a straight 5 from me is the fact that it can't spawn in different elements.
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