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User Info: CrazyEyes31

3 years ago#11
Decent gun, devours ammo though.

I have a lvl72 Baby Maker, no negatives, no positives. All the parts cancel out. It is also non-elemental.

For clarity does the reload count as a grenade or as an smg when it comes to dmg modifiers?

User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#12
Even though it was super cheap it was like an 11/5 before they patched the bee so it didn't apply amp damage to each round in the mag, but wow does it eat ammo. On its own its still pretty solid so its like a 4. Boy it would have been fun to do that with Krieg though. Just for giggles.
"If your going to ask someone to save the world, make sure they like it the way it is"

User Info: genesis42

3 years ago#13
Gave it a 4.5 when I meant to click 4. Urgh. Anyways...

It's a pretty fun gun to use. In normal mode and in TVHM, it can be pretty devastating since its OHKO potential is pretty ridiculous because the enemies have a low health pool. This makes it a pretty nice primary weapon to have, while also doubling up as an ideal second wind option.

In UVHM, Tediore weapons in general seem to lose a bit of their effectiveness as they can't reliably go around one shotting everything with a simple Tediore reload anymore (yes, I realize that's probably not the way GBX intended for people to use Tediore weapons, but dammit it's fun as hell).

It would've been nice if GBX buffed the Baby Maker during the loot hunt so the child grenade it produced featured either A) A more immediate explosion, B) A bigger blast radius or C) A slight homing effect. Because as it currently stands, the child grenade it produces can be pretty hit or miss depending on how agile the enemy is.

Going back to a more positive note though, I recently had tremendous success running a (Slag Moxxi weapon) + Baby Maker build on a Sal with a Legendary Hoarder COM. Maxing out FttB and picking up all of his reload speed buffs enabled me to hurl out stupid amounts of ammo, which built up excessive amounts of NKLO bonuses. And when I felt as if though I had built up enough bonuses, I'd just rain fire on everything with a +200% fire rate bonus. It was a pretty nice mobbing build.

I'd probably rank the Baby Maker a little higher if it didn't chew through your ammo reserves so hard, and also if it weren't for the fact that Tediore Plasma Casters exist. But oh well, it's still a pretty solid gun.
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