What enemy do you despise? (just generally hate)

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User Info: Kurgan777

3 years ago#31
Rabids are a pain in the ass only when on foot, in a vehicle they're easy, especially with the Trespasser sniper rifle equipped that goes through armor like it's not there, the vehicle's guns get that property when it's equipped.
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User Info: Eternal K

Eternal K
3 years ago#32
Skeletal Mages are probably the #1 most annoying enemy in the game. At least with stalkers, you can still hit them while they're cloaked and elemental effects continue. Mages can't be hit while cloaked, and as soon as they are cloaked, any DoTs or slag wears off immediately.

Heavy Nomads can also be difficult, especially if they happen to have an elemental launcher. Blech.
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User Info: terrysmay04

3 years ago#33
Hyperion Hawks
Skeletal Mages (The WOOOOORRRSSSSTTT!)
Pestilant stalkers
Anything that flies for the most part.
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User Info: Maetch

3 years ago#34
Constructors, Buzzards, and anything Rabid.

User Info: MockPaper77451

3 years ago#35
Anything that backpedals is annoying when playing melee.
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User Info: macmanigan

3 years ago#36
I just started my first playthrough of TT and im lvl 72 uvhm. I spent 10 min trying to kill 2 skeletal mages. I ended up quitting because I was so annoyed.

Seriously, what is the trick? I can handle them being hard to pin down but the fact that they fully regenerate health quickly is ridiculous.
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  3. What enemy do you despise? (just generally hate)

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