Just reached Sanctuary. Single player. Questions.

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User Info: RealmIyce

3 years ago#1
Okay so I just reached took a boat, got a vehicle, and reached the gates of Sanctuary. I'm lvl 7. Before this I fought a boss that spawned fire in his area, can't remember his name, but he liked to torture the robot I guess...anyways, he seemed way too much of a match for me and I had to use a terrain glitch so he couldn't reach me in order to kill him.

That said, my question is am I flat out too small for this Sanctuary area, only being lvl 7? should I go back somewhere and grind some exp? thoughts? opinions?
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User Info: boxjuice

3 years ago#2
Open up your mission log and compare the level of your current story mission to your level. If you're more than 3 levels lower, get some xp...simplez
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User Info: DuneMan

3 years ago#3
Also, be on the lookout for shiny new gear. There are multiple loot chest locations within the Sanctuary zone that give out gear going as high as level 15 or so. Any chest that drops level 11 or better loot can drop a class mod as well.

Also, different weapon types will help you deal with different threats. Bullymongs are mostly melee, so a good shotgun blast to the face will end them quickly. On the flipside, a shot from a strong Jakobs sniper rifle will safely dispatch a lot of Marauders at long range before they become dangerous.

Also, when you get new weapons, take them to the test firing range in Sanctuary and try them out. Get a feel for their damage, accuracy when hipfired, accuracy when aiming down the scope, and any appreciable levels of recoil.
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User Info: chase710

3 years ago#4
are you doing side quests? i was lv 7 well before i fought boom-bewm...if you havent done side quests, i suggest you do them.
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User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#5
chase710 posted...
are you doing side quests? i was lv 7 well before i fought boom-bewm...if you havent done side quests, i suggest you do them.

I am pretty certain I hit 6 or 7 when I am going to fight Midgemong. I know I have my action skill for that fight usually and probably by the time I am done have hit at least 1 level if not 2.
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User Info: WarsteelIX

3 years ago#6
If this is your first time playing this game my advice would be to just go out and explore everywhere- not only will you have chances of getting loot and XP but you might unlock areas of the map before you wind up going there on a main story mission or side quest- always helpful to know the lay of the land in advance of doing missions and if you return there, you get more XP- and possible loot- from the respawned enemies...
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User Info: Vultrex

3 years ago#7
Using terrain to exploit an enemy is not uncommon and I widely consider it a viable tactic. Flynt is the first boss to give a ranged and melee counter, via his helmet and melee smash attack. Flynt has a terrible AI upclose, and it is the fire and generic enemies he spawns that can give you an issue as a new player. The first thing you should note is to not prioritize the enemies during Flynt(unless you have sufiencient healing capability) because they spawn as a limited set, rather than a timer. You should harass flynt, and flynt only. The back of his head is always the best place to go, even if you're low on health.

Regarding your concern; your level is fine, as other have noted. Check the quest levels, do the quests and sidequest lower to your level first. As a first time player that you are, I recommend to finish every sidequest, as it will prepare you mentally for TVHM. (I would skip doc mercy's quest for the unnecessary tedium involved with using an awful weapon that you should not be trained to used(and with overuse of ammo), and this quest should always be skipped.)

You can explore every region as a remark provided above, but It may be better to just succeed in the sidequests, you will find plenty of chests if you use your eyes. If you feel underleveled, it is most likely the fault of your build or weapon choices; rather than having a weapon just a couple levels under. In normal mode you can relax and learn the game mechanics; do not worry too much of the level of your weapons as long as they dont fall too below a 3-4 level range.

If you are sniping, which is a common first entry tactic, you have to make sure your sniper is on level more-so than the others, until you are mechanically-oriented enough to understand the importance of unique and legendary weapons.

User Info: LeonKennedy28

3 years ago#8
If you are really hurting for loot. Input this code for Golden Keys to used on the chest in sanctuary. It came out yesterday so i'm not sure if it is still good.

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