best place for gear farming? (no dlc)

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  3. best place for gear farming? (no dlc)

User Info: BobbyCreek

3 years ago#1
not looking for anything specific. just a good spot for level 50 gear. box and boss farming spots preferably so i dont get bored

User Info: Jambi_Man

3 years ago#2
Arid Nexus Badlands > a few chests, Saturn, and Bone Head

Splinter Group, in Bloodshot Stronghold > A few chests, and a shot at a Storm Front

Bunker > lots of loot, including purples, and a chance at Sham & B****

Frostburn Canyon(Scorch path) > A few chests, Scorch, and Spycho. Chance at Hellfire and Neogenator

The Dust > Mobley/Gettle, Black Queen, McNally, and Hodunks/Zafords. Chance at White Death, Veruc, Nukem, Hammer Buster, Slagga/Maggie.
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User Info: UltraOverlord

3 years ago#3
Doctors orders midgitd
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User Info: Shake_Like_E

3 years ago#4
That chest right outside the Vault of the Warrior at the end of Heros Pass. Its like 4 steps with no enemies to open.
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User Info: InvincibleDead

3 years ago#5
Hyperion Wildlife Zone, as long as you ingore the objective for Doctors Orders. I've seen as many as Five Loot Midgets spawn there. Found a Baby Maker and a bunch of other gear. Probably the best place as far as non-dlc.
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User Info: Eternal K

Eternal K
3 years ago#6
Jambi probably hit the best ones. I'll add Thousand Cuts with Rocko's Modern Strife active if you're just looking to relax for a bit. Loot midgets and two red chests, but no other enemies at all (unless you run into a One-Armed Bandit at some point).
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User Info: Argyle_Gargoyle

3 years ago#7
the fridge is also a good spot (though the gear isnt as great as the dust)

you have 3 legendaries to farm for: the gub, sledges shotgun, and the gunerang, as well as a ton of chests. might not be quite as rewarding as the dust, but isnt bad for getting multple shots at different gear in short order.

IMO the gub is a greatly under appreciated gun, overshadowed because it has the same role as the hornet, but good all the same. the gunerang and sledges shotgun arent amazing IMO, but with 50 as the cap, just about anything is viable. and they can be fun to use, so why not.
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