A question about relics...

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User Info: WarsteelIX

3 years ago#1
In UVHM I've got the Doctor's Orders mission open and so far have gotten lots of Ancient relics- Blood, Heart, Skin, etc. How effective are not just the Ancient relics but the normal ones as well in UVHM? I'm referring mainly to resistance relics for the normal ones- relics that increase your ammo or shields or provide an elemental damage boost are always good I'd think. As an aside- for all characters so far in UVHM I've gotten at least 1 Ancient relic from LLM/tubbies/chubbies. I've only gotten 1 legendary weapon (a Stopping Emperor) and 3 legendary class mods from them- everything else has been relics...
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User Info: kakarot-uchiha

3 years ago#2
i have yet to get a legendary from them. i've gotten 2 stalkers, and an unforgiven. i have also gotten a relic every run i believe , but i often don't get two. i'll also add that i've gotten all four midgets every time after a week and a half of running it every day. i do the run for about an hour.

as far as relics, i'm still using some low levels in rotation and the %bonuses do what they say. my explosion relics white cause i've never had a better one drop. my slag dmg relics lvl 37 i think and i use it 75% the time in uhvm, my main relic. its absolutely sick with this one slag fibber i have, its crit bonus is 20-30% higher than lady fist and you don't bounce it off ground. i zerk it with infinity or shock smg and whith that slag relic... well i have very few leg's and i'm doing runs in uvhm half the time with blue and purples. if i hit the crits when theyre slagged i swear it adds extra bonuses, but without the relic it seems normal. probly just this fibber and chulainn. sick combo. couple critshots for rabid stalkers, badasses.

aaaanyway, for your post, i'm continuing the llm runs with no drops because i'm finding that the ancient relic bonuses are actually slowly going up. the youtubes on these seemed to say just a set of four but among the four types i have yet to see the same ones pretty much. the resistance relics have a ton of variety and after seeing different combos of 2 and three resistances i found one with cor/shock/fire AND non-elemental. with a plus 6 or leg class mod i'm actually gonna try a resistance gunzerker cause it looks like a very high perm %res to dmg is possible.with a pistol build i already can stand directly in front of terramorphous zerking grog and infinity and i'll never drop, maybe with the right build hyperius or voracidous.

ive seen the same variety with the other versions, ammo/dmg/health so even tho they arent dropping legs at all so far, i've gotten some pearls and i know i'm gonna see that just perfect relic. and occasionally i do see 3 drops and i figure while i'm getting all four EVERY single run i should keep at it.

also this might just be me but from another file but i swear if you don't touch that first leaning locker you get four and if you do the first box is empty, course it could be crazy superstition.

User Info: Itzamee

3 years ago#3
Not sure about others and how they play their game; but for me, I always carry a max stats (shock) Bone of the Ancients in the backpack all the time.

Like you, I'm having alot of fun running through WEP until I get the rest of the elements that I'm missing. Any legendaries or pearls (and I have built up an impressive collection of Unforgivens/ Storms/ Tunguskas/ Stalkers etc...) the LLM may have dropped along the way are icing on the cake.
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