Can we all agree that BL2 is a great game because it's not 100% like BL1?

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  3. Can we all agree that BL2 is a great game because it's not 100% like BL1?

User Info: AngryOldFeral

3 years ago#71
I wish people would drop the "BL2 has more gun variety".

It does not. Period. Fact.

BL1's possible combinations ranged around 17-million. BL2's, even with all of the DLC, still falls extremely short of that. The major reason being that the weapons follow much more stringent guidelines and have also been streamlined. The body/frame is married to the manufacturer type, which also marries that to what magazine type it'll have determined by its color rarity... if there's any variety to begin with. Most manufacturers will only have one magazine type across the board for certain weapons. Throw in that now multiple color tiers will recycle those already-minimal frames/magazines and you've lessened the available combinations even further.

Legendaries are an even bigger victim of BL2's abridged loot system, as the variables are even fewer. Outside of people who mod,it is impossible to get a legit legendary with a different barrel than what is assigned to it. The frame/magazine will always be the same, and the barrel will always be the same. The only available variations to dictate its stats and behavior in combat are in the form of what grip, stock, element and weapon accessory that it spawns with. And that's if the accessory is available to to change at all (like how the Rapier will always have a bayonet).

Anyhow... tl;dr: BL2 does not, and never has had anywhere near the possible weapon parts combinations that BL1 had.

If you're genuinely arguing that it does, you've either never played the first game enough to familiarize yourself with the loot system or you're talking out of your ****ing ass.
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User Info: Olliesdad

3 years ago#72
BL2 (the DLC) has Spatula Khan.
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User Info: Nazanir

3 years ago#73
They both have their great points and flaws.

I loved in BL1, when you killed something important (like Crawmerax) you always, ALWAYS get goodies, he explodes into tons of loot and there's always something useful to be found.

But, in BL2 where certain enemies drop certain things, is also pretty neat, because you can just pick your target and go for it, basically less RNG for the gear you want, only drop chances, but on a whole it can take longer to aquire the things you want/need.

I did like the way they handeld manufactures better in BL1. While I do love the whole EXPLOSIONS TORGUE KABOOM things in BL2, as it adds personality, I prefered BL1's mechanics, where every gun could have any element, regardless of manufacturer.

Having said that, I do sort of like things like Torgue or Maliwan, because it offers some depth to the game, helping personalize your build.

I do prefer the customisation in BL2 over BL1, mainly because FACES.

Overal, Borderlands feels like a more complete package (characters, backstory, atmosphere, etc), but BL1 is still sooo, sooooo gooood. And I really have a weak spot for Knoxx.
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  3. Can we all agree that BL2 is a great game because it's not 100% like BL1?

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