How old is a BL2 player?

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User Info: apaticuz

2 years ago#1
How old is a BL2 player? - Results (423 votes)
Under 15 years
3.07% (13 votes)
15-20 years
27.9% (118 votes)
20-30 years
43.74% (185 votes)
30-40 years
16.31% (69 votes)
40-50 years
4.02% (17 votes)
Over 50 years
2.36% (10 votes)
I'm so old I'm afraid of EXPLOSIONS!
2.6% (11 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I got a job, kids, house and all that goes with it, and my soon to be wife tells me I'm to old to be playing video games. So I tell her there are people older than me playing games, and I thought I would make this poll to prove her wrong. So, prove her wrong people!

I'm kind of curious myself....

User Info: fakesnoop77

2 years ago#2
I'm 36.

Married 9 years, I got two kids (aged 9 and 2) a good job, nice car, nice house and enjoying a healthy life (apart from my dodgy back!)

Never too old for Pandora

*goes back to bl1*
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User Info: Deadly_Archers

2 years ago#3
45 and not married.
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User Info: Olliesdad

2 years ago#4
48. My wife died of cancer five years ago. I play videogames more now than I ever did when I was younger.
"If you are afraid to eat something, do not eat it. If you are eating something, don't be afraid."

User Info: Cluny

2 years ago#5
Sadly no one over 13 has a mic.
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User Info: Jambi_Man

2 years ago#6
35. I have a good job working over 40 a week, and still plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful games being made today.

Gaming isn't what it used to be. In fact, many of the games made today shouldn't be played by kids. They're clearly made for adults. It's a casual thing for some, a hobby for others, and a passion for others still.

One thing is for sure, though, there is no age limit on gaming. If you enjoy doing it, and you're not neglecting someone dependent on you in the process, then why the hell would you have to stop?????? I just don't get the perception people have towards older gamers. If I was sitting on my ass watching football, or stupid mind wasting reality television, that's somehow acceptable??? Gimme a break.
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User Info: apaticuz

2 years ago#7
I see a even spread of gamers here. I myself am 28. The funny thing is my grandfather actually got me in to gaming about 20 years ago, after he had a heart attack. He bought a used NES to have something to do when getting back on his feet, and I spent allot of my time there before this. Still I play with him sometimes, but only on the old machines, he can't keep up with the modern toys anymore. :)

User Info: Itzamee

2 years ago#8
Hmm. Interesting poll.

I was well in to my teenage years when I got my very first console which was just launched to the masses by Nolan Bushnell. Don't have that particular console anymore but I still have nearly every single console launched since.

User Info: stickboy2323

2 years ago#9
38 here.
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User Info: atrombatore

2 years ago#10
28, 29 in a week. I am a teacher and my students find it easier to talk and relate to me, so they say, since I am also a gamer.
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