How old is a BL2 player?

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User Info: Doombringer55

3 years ago#41
Jacquard posted...

Second, if your soon-to-be wife feels that way, and feels strongly about it, no poll, argument, or reasoning will change her mind, and she will tend to use it against you when times get tough, if such is in her nature.

In other words, you are probably fighting a losing battle. The best way to convince her might be to involve her in your pastime, to show her that gaming is many things, can serve many purposes, and not only feeds your soul but also exercises your mind and provides a healthy dose of relaxation.

Pretty much this. You should also tell your wife that, if I remember correctly, the average gamer age is actually 35 (though maybe it has changed in recent years).

I myself started gaming when I was 5 years old (23 now), because my dad bought me an SNES. Apparently, he had to play it himself for a little while to show me the game before I finally started taking an interest in it. My point is, though my dad doesn't game even remotely as much as I do, he was into it long before gaming became what it is today.

You could also try arguing that video games are essentially no different than movies and/or television. You still have characters, a story, a setting, etc. The main difference is that you get to be the one making the decisions.
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User Info: dxreyes

3 years ago#42
20. Working part time at a video game store and full time college student and freelance artist. Gaming is for everyone regardless of age or gender. It's not as simple as it once was as games nowadays have realistic themes and controversial material regarding events happening around the world
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User Info: jmikla

3 years ago#43
i clicked over 50 to help you out
So say we all

User Info: TylerGamer84

3 years ago#44
Age is irrelevant. In an old guild in WoW I used to raid with a guy in his 60s. One of the best rogues I've played with. He took an unannounced break which later we found out was due to a heart attack, but he came back just as good as ever.
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User Info: Kageblade23

3 years ago#45
youre never to old to be a kid...

my neighbor who had kids in high school with me when i was a senior was running 3 seperate accounts on everquest while i ran 2 and our other neighbor who was older than me also ran 2 accounts

my friends who are older than me game just as much as i do im 26...

most old people play casual games on their phones or tablets

and lots of old folks homes use wiis for wii sports for the residents doesnt matter how old you are you can always sit down and enjoy a game no matter if its a board game family type game video game...

all work and no play makes timmy a angry manager
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User Info: Gryphter97

3 years ago#46
35, married, 2 kids, house, health care professional. :)

See Below
- Gryphter - "small fix"

User Info: WarsteelIX

3 years ago#47
Super Creatures posted...
SmashPumpkin64 posted...
I'm 19 and I've been playing video games since I was about 3 or 4. My first console was an NES.

Damn, you were born 3-4 years after the SNES was released, and the N64 had been out for at least a year by the time you were playing games, and you still started with an NES?

Hey- the original Legend of Zelda still rocked back then- and today as well...:)
Behind every good deed lies an ulterior motive...

User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
3 years ago#48
WarsteelIX posted...
Hey- the original Legend of Zelda still rocked back then- and today as well...:)

Not a knock on the NES, just surprise that he started on what was a ~13 year old console and not one from the generation between its release and when he started playing or what was the current gen.
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User Info: ArcaneZombie

3 years ago#49
Under 15.

My first game consoles were a SNES and an N64. Only had one game for the SNES, which was Donkey Kong Country. On N64 I had both Zelda games (Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask), Star Fox 64, and a Pokemon Stadium game. I can find joy in a game no matter what the rating (just take Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate as an example).

I'm pessimistic and Autistic (Asperger's, nothing too serious) so I tend to lash out at people because I can. I also find almost everyone in the world inferior to me, even though they'd probably done more in their life than I did with mine. I don't have any friends (I'm a outcast) at all, and I play video games for entertainment.

If I could consider any place on the internet as my home, this board would be that place. Until the pre-sequel, of course.
All work and no play makes Wolf a dull boy.

User Info: jloewenstein

3 years ago#50
41, married, no kids, brazilian, lawyer, and my first console was one of these:
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