Help! I suck! Level 41 Axton

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User Info: Jason283

3 years ago#1
Hey guys, just playing TVHM right now and realizing how bad I really am. I'm playing a turret build with essentially all skill points in guerrilla (minus a couple skills). I did alright in normal mode, but now I've realized that my character is useless besides the turret. The turret absolutely obliterates everything, but during cool down I can do nothing except dance around and wait basically.

Would it be wise for me at this point to respec, and maybe max out the gun powder skill line, and start into the survival? Just wondering what other people have done with their commandos.

User Info: JB-Feyenoord94

3 years ago#2
Guerrilla is the best skill tree to first spec in, but dont use the health reg or grenade skills. Gunpowder is more important in higher levels. Use the skills which improves the gun damage and fire rate. The Commando is still a good class in TVHM. Possible reasons you are bad: your weapens are too weak, your level is too low for the story mission or you are just terrible.

User Info: MrSlipeeFyst

3 years ago#3
Hey. The problem might be your gear. Axton is I think the most well rounded of the bunch. But you need powerful weapons to survive the cooldowns. Think lots of Jacobs and Torgue; certain POWERFUL Bandit SMGS are great to have too, unless you have problems staying on target or getting up close and personal. Elementals really don't benefit him, as he doesn't have any skills that boost it, except for one that boosts explosive damage. I usually carry a Jacobs AR (if you can get it, I suggest farming McNally for the Hammer Buster; it's like an AR sniper) and definitely go down the Gunpowder tree to maximize the damage output. Also, it doesn't hurt to have a slag pistol, a Vladof or any Maliwan. There's a tier 1 skill that increases his weapon swap speed, so slagging and then switching to the AR or the shotty does breathtaking damage to just about anything or anyone. Speaking of shotguns, I also run with a Torgue shotgun, a Ravager or Hulk, as explosive damage is boosted. In my last slot, I run with a rocket launcher of some sort, or a beast elemental like the Hellfire or the Florentine.

Use Explosive Singularity and MIRV grenades, too. The explosive damage is boosted, and throwing a few (MIRVs) into the fight can be a great way to end the fight much faster and use the singularities to suck them up for the turrets.

A lot of people don't like the commando class as they feel it's too plain, but lack of quirks doesn't make a bad character.

User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

3 years ago#4
heres what id do @ 41:

next I would work on Onslaught/Grenadier to get Double Up, then Longbow and Steady (and Duty Calls if you like non elementals) to get Nuke.

at 72, id aim for this:

User Info: Jambi_Man

3 years ago#5
Don't listen to the advice to not use elemental guns.

You always want to use corrosive against armor, and fire against flesh if you have them.

Axton has one skill that increases non-elemental damage, and even with 5/5 in it, most non-elemental guns will pale in comparison to using the correct element against a certain defense. Corrosive deals +75% damage against armor. Fire deals +75% damage against flesh. How much of a damage boost does Duty Calls give?... Up to 25%. So yeah, if you're struggling, you NEED to use correct elements... at least until you learn how to succeed while utilizing Duty Calls with good NE weapons, which by your OP, you're far far away from.

Explosive weapons are nice, but still they'll not out-damage what corrosive and fire will do to armor & flesh, respectively.... Even with 5/5 in Steady.

You need to rock Double-Up as a capstone, making sure to have 5/5 in Ready, Willing, and Onslaught. Then, with your remaining 10 points, go with Expertise and Metal Storm in Gunpowder.

You should get used to swapping weapons of different elements for different enemy types. Get in the habit of having a Fire, Corrosive, and Explosive gun equipped at all times, so you always have the right gun for the right situation. Expertise makes swapping guns almost non-existent it's so quick.

Double-Up will slag everything for you. Then simply use the right element for each defense and you should be fine. Get a good adaptive shield. They usually have decent capacity and Recharge rate. The Delay varies, but a lot of them roll a pretty low one. With Willing at 5/5, a good Adaptive shield is wonderful for Axton.
Spiral out...

User Info: Eternal K

Eternal K
3 years ago#6

That's what my skill tree looked like at 41. This, of course, assumes that you have at least one of the level packs and are looking to go Double Up/Gemini. Otherwise listen to Jambi and kpt's build advice. And just listen to everything Jambi says in general.
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User Info: WarsteelIX

3 years ago#7
Here's how I looked at level 41 with Axton:

Maybe it's just me but I seem to be contrary by nature- I went Survival when I first started playing Axton, then Guerilla and finished in Gunpowder. (Here's how he looks now):

I tend to use the turrets to draw the attention of foes then have at it with mainly grenades and explosive weapons, depending on the situation. Definitely keep at least one of any elemental gun/grenade on you and as for shields my favorites are absorb for gun shooting foes and spiked for melee critter attacks (although exceptions are made depending on the situation at hand).
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User Info: Kpt_Kapowski

3 years ago#8
Also, one of my favorite Axton builds is a plain old Rifleman (preferably with the 5 or 6 in Battlefront). Take the five from Pressure and put em in Overload. Get yourself a Torgue Spitter/Ogre, a Jakobs Gatling, and a set of Dahl Miniguns. Switch out the elemental Miniguns as needed. I depend on my turret for slag, and I prefer either an AoE nade like Stormfront, or Longbow Singularities to cluster enemies up for easier aiming.

a relic with multiple rolls in AR ammo and nades is really helpful.
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