So no Ultimate without the DLC huh?

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User Info: RealmIyce

3 years ago#1
Well screw that. I'm not paying for two Ultimate add-ons just to play the extra game mode. Diablo 3 Ultimate Evil Edition is out now anyways so Borderlands 2 is going back to GameStop. I can see side missions or an extra boss or item packs being in DLC, but this is just ridiculous. Pay us to keep playing past 50...yeah no thanks.
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User Info: mrbeef523

3 years ago#2
Cool story bro. Sounds like the game is not for you.
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User Info: xliner

3 years ago#3
this is some terrible trolling
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User Info: Olliesdad

3 years ago#4
See ya.
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User Info: Ardore_Messor

3 years ago#6
RealmIyce posted...
So no Ultimate without the DLC huh?


Might I suggest research before you buy?
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  3. So no Ultimate without the DLC huh?

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