Is anyone finding Shock/Corrosive weapons?

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  3. Is anyone finding Shock/Corrosive weapons?

User Info: Fenrir423

5 years ago#1
I've been playing around with all 4 characters to see which one I like best so I'm not terribly far yet, but I've got 2 characters around level 14 and I've only found explosive and fire weapons. Do they show up at later levels like rocket launchers or am I just unlucky?
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User Info: awesomeuno

5 years ago#2
They show up at later levels. Corrosive anyway.
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User Info: spnccarman

5 years ago#3
all the good stuff starts popping up around 20 from what i've read

User Info: gzus_AD

5 years ago#4
I'm level 15 and I have both corrosive and shock snipers (as well as flame).
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User Info: Rahjik

5 years ago#5
I've got an umbridge shock pistol and a corrosive grenade mod currently. Level 16
Rahjik, level 85 Guardian Druid as of 8/28/2012

User Info: 2cool4u420

5 years ago#6
The second weapon I found was a corrosive orange pistol with the "Swarm" special mod. It seems to be completely random. Which is funny cause I am now level 12 and have yet to find anything worth as much as it.

User Info: roseknight84

5 years ago#7
From the guide. Non maliwan/non jakobs
Fire level seven, shock level 11, corrosive level 13, slag level 15.
I still not high enough level for acid weapons. :(

User Info: V_V_L_B

5 years ago#8
I found my first fire and corrosive weapons one after the other right after I killed Boom Boom, or whatever their names are.
It took me a while after that to find a shock weapon and I didn't start finding slag weapons until I was about level 17...
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User Info: Terry-bogard

5 years ago#9
Found my first shock smg at level 13
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User Info: chethecat

5 years ago#10
Hit 14 tonight and just started seeing shock. No corrosive yet. Stupid Hyperion Mechs, I so want one! Though my Shock Sniper does pretty well... just can't get enough ammo.

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  3. Is anyone finding Shock/Corrosive weapons?

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