TUT: Max SKill Points Glitch (updated!)

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User Info: JPshake

5 years ago#1
If you havent seen my previous thread with the Max Skill Glitch TUT you can do so here:http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/638785-borderlands-2/64396992

Now what im going to do is basically copy/paste my first TUT here because there's some changes that I made that can exponentially increase the rate of how often this glitch occurs. After doing some reasearch and experimenting a bit with this glitch it never occured to me that if lag is the catalyst to this glitch well....why not make myself lag and have someone from gamefaqs who wants the max skill point glitch join my game? I did just that and the results were great. Below is the following steps from my first TUT with a few changes that based off mine and another gamefaqs member tested with positive results.


Now unto the glitch, I will be explaining step by step on how to do this glitch as effectively as possible to help some of you avoid any frustration you may encounter using this glitch. But before I do so heres what you will need before attempting this glitch, 2 remotes, and a laggy host, now how to do the glitch.

1. Turn on controller 1 (C1), and controller 2 (C2).
2. Join a online host, preferably one with 1 bar.
3. Once you join the host press START on C1, and leave the "RESUME" option highlighted.
4. Now here it can get a little tricky, take C2 and press X, as soon as you press X on C2, quickly press X on C1.
5. If done correctly the screen should ask you to pick a user, pick the one C1 is under(the character you want max skill points with). The screen will then glitch up and a glitched menu showing "PLAY, OPTIONS, QUIT" should appear.
6. If step 5 didnt work repeat step 4.
7. Now on the "PLAY, OPTIONS, QUIT" menu press triangle on C2, another menu should pop asking to "select existing character" or "Create new (insert character)". Unlike the XBOX version of this glitch instead of selecting "Create a new (insert character here)" your going to select "Select an existing character".
8. Now select any character you want besides the one that you want max skill points for. Also make sure the character you select has points already put into their skill tree. Based on trial and error this helps increase the chances of the glitch happening.
9. Once selected hit X on C2 and then hit X on C1 to confirm.That's pretty much it, if done correctly the screen would lag up again showing 46 points under C1's character skill tab. To use the points exit the room and reenter.

Continued below....
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User Info: JPshake

5 years ago#2

Now i'm going to explain the process of making myself lag and how it can save you hours upon end on trying to manually find a laggy host, and then failing to get the glitch to work after you do. For this to work you will need a friend who has a mechromancer class that at least completed playthrough 1.

Its is mandatory that your friend has the skills Upshot Robot and The Stare, as you read on you will see why. If they have that than your on your way to getting max skill points for your class much faster. Now what your friend has to do take his/her mechromancer and go The Vault of the Warrior. From there have your friend kill the warrior, once the warrior's dead have your friend summon deathtrap. Now remember the never ending spawning of rakks? Well thats the key to this trick, help your DT kill rakks until he stacks around 500 kills, once it hits 500 you will notice a dramatic decrease in framerate and a huge increase in lag.

For some odd reason the game lags up after a certain number of kills and i stumbled acoss on accident trying to see how much damage my DT can do with the highest possible stack. Now not only is your friend a host but he's a very laggy host that is the key to triggering this glitch, so have him invite you. The best way to do this is to communicate with them through PSN messaging, skype, FB, myspace or whatever. Once you join him just follow the initial steps in the above post.

Just to note, whatever is in bold above this are the changes I made that helped a gamefaqs member and their friend get maxed out skill trees.


* Make sure the character your doing the glitch for is unaffected by the infinite badass rank slag/for the hoard glitch. This glitch will not work if your character is affected by this glitch, i know because I tried countless hours doing it on my affected Zero. If your character is affected start a new toon and quickly max them out using the Tiny Tina exploit.

* To maximize the chances of getting this glitch to work join a laggy room, preferably one bar. Why? Because after multiple test I and a couple of my friends came to the conclusion that this glitch is caused by lag spike during the process your player data is sent to the host of the lobby and the glitch itself is caused by that lag. I proved it by trying it on better connections and it took significantly longer getting it to work

* If you become proficient in doing this glitch, dont do step 9 too fast. Doing it too fast can sometimes cause your game to freeze up, and may end up deleting all of your characters missions, eridium upgrades, and sometimes gear.

Well thats pretty much it, if you have any issues getting this glitch to work feel free to ask for help here, PM me or FR me my PSN is Swamp_bat. I also forgot to mention if you need a mechromancer to help get you max skill points just ask me here or through PSN, keep in mind ill need some compensation as it is very annoying, and tedious because its very time consuming and sitting through horrendous lag trying to get kills for the DT is pretty frusterating.

To the people who want to see a sequel to Dark Cloud 2, Dark Cloud 3. Join the official FB page and lets try to send some petitions!!
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