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User Info: WyrmSlayer89

6 years ago#1
Does any one else think she's from the future? When the echo system is cut off she says "it isn't supposed to happen like this." That's what people say when time travel is involved. Plus she knew a lot about what was going on and what they had to do.

User Info: Nowe242

6 years ago#2
I'm convinced she's a computer AI made by Hyperion. Or at least something to do with Hyperion.

When she says "I can't see you" when the Echo system goes down, it basically guarantees something to do with technology. Then, you see the satellite at the end of the game when she's talking to you. It made me think "Oh, so she sees you though the satellite. And since it's Hyperion, I'm guessing she's an AI or at least a worker from Hyperion. I'm also guessing that company knows a little too much about the Eridians.
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User Info: Luiman04

6 years ago#3
InfernoDragon posted...
"Do you feel that I betrayed you? Do not. I am possessed of a sight that allows me to look forward and backward along the timeline, and the release of this creature was inevitable. There was only one chance for this dimension's continued existence. A hero. Someone who was at the right place, at the right time, and strong enough to push back. I have given you the unique opportunity to defend the existence of all that you know. Go! Fight! Be that hero! I will help you however I can."

This is the objective text for Destroy the Destroyer. It's interesting to connect it to that "This wasn't supposed to happen." line, but I think you'd probably be looking into it deeper than the writers did. She also says "The Crimson Lance are about to make an unpleasant discovery and learn a harsh lesson." but nothing ever comes of that.

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User Info: edelbrock442

6 years ago#4
i think she's a guardian angel straight through, how else could she talk to you on the bus when you don't have a comm device. i'm also open to the future thing.
the hyperion satellite was just hacking the clap trap

User Info: Artahn

6 years ago#5
edelbrock442 posted...
the hyperion satellite was just hacking the clap trap

Explain please.
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User Info: Arc1med5

6 years ago#6
I am pretty sure the angel was the sattelite. Read the initials on the side and it spells angel with letters and numbers. Just like claptraps was cl4tp. Just my two cents.

User Info: edelbrock442

6 years ago#7
^ i might have noticed that but forgot. but it seems familiar
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