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Alien (Eridian) weapons??!!

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User Info: halderw

5 years ago#1
Does anyone know if there will be alien weapons (Eridian weapons)?? One of the best things about borderlands 1 was the feeling of ridiculous joy whenever I would find an AWESOME alien/eridian weapon in the first or second playthrough.

I hope they bring back alien weapons?!?!! THEY BETTER DO!!

User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
5 years ago#2
I dont see why they wouldnt.. other than the Eridian guns sucked much anus in the first game. The shotgun type one was okay, IF you could find it early...

I hear lilith with her ability to increase fire rate and bullet speed can make them more useful.. but i never played as her much.

User Info: Vermillion129

5 years ago#3
They should be back.

Also there will be Eridian currency (E-Tech) which can be used to transform normal weapon into alien tech of some sort.
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User Info: roseknight84

5 years ago#4
The main point of them was they slowly recharged ammo without a perk. The best one did seem to be shotguns. Didn't most of them do elemental damage too. It's been a while.

User Info: Double991

5 years ago#5
They did elemental damage similar to electricity. My favorite was the shotgun and the sniper that shot those gigantic slow moving bullets ( had some funny duels with that one ).
PSNs : Double991 & Doubie991

User Info: Majin_Vegeta1

5 years ago#6
Already been confirmed that weapons have Eridian Parts and there was talk of no Eridian weapons. I would have no sooner but a G4 interview with CEO of Gearbox when he was present Guiness World Record for 17,500,000 different guns in borderlands 1. He makes a comment of all of those guns will be in borderlands 2 with a Bajillion more.
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User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
5 years ago#7
Yeah, unless they had a good storyline reason to take them out, i suspect there will be many more Alien guns. IMO, as a guy that has used them a good bit, even one playthrough as Roland where i used them almost exclusively (his bigger mag perks help alot) The shotgun is the only truely good one.

it does shock damage EVERY shot with every single one i have found. Even @ Lv60+ in Knoxx dlc PT2.5, my lv44 eridian shotty tears through almost everything (on my current hunter playthrough) the big cannon is just too slow, in both bullet speed and fire rate. And it does no additional shock damage. the blasters vary in if they have additional shock damage and are usually pretty weak and i havent found a single one with a fast recharge (He has a lv of 42 in the guns) Flaregun COULD be okay, but doesnt hold a candle to my Volcano sniper or firehawk... Uhh, the sniper-esque gun that shoots a bolt of lightning is good, it always does additional shock damage and recharges fast, but even at my high Alien gun level, my best one only gets 5 shots before having to recharge.

TL;DR.. Stick with the shotty version :>

User Info: Kushu

5 years ago#8
If you were the kinda guy who got addicted to them, you could hotkey multiples. I did. Empty one, flip, empty the other. By that time, you've probably got 1-2 shots recharged on your first gun.

Thunder was good, it could shred pretty much anything point-blank, and even at mid-range, if you at least caught them with a few pellets, it'd get that Elec-Dot on them, which was kind of helpful. To be fair, all of that also holds true for, say, most other shotguns. But I enjoyed it.

The lightning sniper was decent too, for similar reasons. The machine gun was weak, but kinda fun.

I found them most useful against actual Eridians. For example, at level 60 in Underdome. Eridian Shields could sometimes be a real ____ to bring down with conventional weaponry. Using Eridian Tech generally made it a lot faster because Electric is strong against shields.
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User Info: Power Turtle

Power Turtle
5 years ago#9
Yeah lol. my hotkeys are UP-Volcano Sniper LEFT-aliein shotty RIGHT-alien shotty DOWN-mostly a pistol but sime times i replace it with... another alien shotty! Mordecai is so cheap as soon as you get that ignore shield ability, which kinda sucks since the best use for the alien guns is bringing down shields fast lol. but yeah, at one point i had four alien guns hotkeyed and was swapping over and over just so i could stay useful to my frineds and still use alien guns in the early levels.
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