DLC release times?

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User Info: Brickfight

5 years ago#1
I'd really prefer to get this for my PS3, but I don't wait forever to get DLC after 360 gets it. Have they announced how DLC releases will work at all?

User Info: _Just_Blaze_

5 years ago#2
dlc for the first was released the same day for both Xbox and playstation.


User Info: Brickfight

5 years ago#3
That's cool. I know Gearbox and 2K are both typically fair to all of their customers, but it's certainly comforting.

User Info: Dquester

5 years ago#4
The guys at gearbox have stated that the dlcs will be released on all platforms at the same time, no microsoft preference delay. They are also aiming for November for the 1st campaign dlc to be released.

User Info: xenosaga123

5 years ago#5
all the pre-order DLC except the 5th class DLC will be available at launch.

1st Campaign DLC is in November I think.

the 5th Class DLC is avaiable in October 16 (free for pre-orders)
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  3. DLC release times?

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