Specific boss fight; spoilers here. You are warned.

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  3. Specific boss fight; spoilers here. You are warned.

User Info: Tommykitty

5 years ago#1
How exactly does this game presume I'm to beat Slagged Bloodwing? This isn't the first time they've shoved ridiculous levels of difficulty down my throat and expected me to call it fine wine, but this is the first time I cannot possibly imagine how I'm supposed to win.

I'm a level 20 Zero. Corrosive shotgun and 6-round rocket, normal sniper, corrosive and electric SMGs, longbow slag grenade or thrown corrosive grenade. The game can't just make me fight Bloodwing, it has to swarm the arena with skags, and oh let's also imbue them with random elemental powers for a laugh. I realise they're there for Second Winds, which tells me straight away this is too difficult; they designed it for you to die -repeatedly- it seems.

My rockets run dry very quickly and Bloodwing seems to have three life bars, one for each elemental switch. Because why wouldn't she. My sniper is good for a while until she lands and hoses corrosive or electric waves all over the arena. And the skags. This is positively -infuriating- and dying once utterly erases the remotest chance of having enough ammo to go back in and defeat her. And that means a long, long, long run all the way back to the bloody ammo dump.

The only option I can think of doing is throwing up my hands and returning to Sanctuary to farm eridium until I have vast stores of rocket ammo. This last attempt, I managed to peg her with a lot of sniper rounds, but the constant skag attacks and Bloodwing's area-effect attacks are impossible to evade for long. This game as a whole seems unnecessarily difficult, like it hates you, constantly adding eye-roll-inducing amounts of strong enemies that will always be at least your level or above.

User Info: JakalDX

5 years ago#2
Do you have a decent automatic weapon? I had better luck spraying her when she stood still for a bit and then running and jumping like med, using Deception to recharge my shield.
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User Info: Defyingthelaw

5 years ago#3
try a party. When I fought Blloodwing, we had a party of 3. She was tough, but not difficult. The only time i went down was when she divebombed be directly :/ Id say it was my fault since i was aptly warned.. but that divebomb was impossible to avoid. So there is some fake difficulty there.

User Info: NHZ1337

5 years ago#4
What actually Damage (like in numbers) Are you doing per gun..?

And I wouldnt* get close enough for the Shotty/pistol, but that also depends on your build? Gunner or melee? (may want gunner to solo....)

User Info: Medicine_Man

5 years ago#5
My roommate just finished his solo through with Zero, and I remember the fight you are talking about. I did mine solo with Axton. That being said it was helpful to have the distraction.

My roomy had to level up, he got to about 23 ish to allow him to fill out his skills more. He was full blood and had to go sniper for the fight. He just could not get around it any other way, his melee build wasnt cutting it.... so to speak.

The best advice outside of better guns and build is to keep one of the skags alive and kite it around as you dodge the bird. If you get down, you can kill off the skag in afew shots and keep on going.

User Info: CocoDollface

5 years ago#6
I never once got hit with Bloodwing's AOEs when I fought her. This fight was cake for me because she hit me maybe twice and I had plenty of elemental options. Just run to the back wall and jump when she does a divebomb. Problem solved.
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  3. Specific boss fight; spoilers here. You are warned.

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