The Lost Treasure Caustic Caverns

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User Info: blade_7124

5 years ago#1
I hate Caustic Caverns so much. I just want to get out of here.

The waypoint covers the whole ******** map and I really don't wanna clear out every enemy.

These clues, what will they look like? Are they scattered in out of the way areas or can I follow the natural path of the map?

Any help would be appreciated.
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User Info: Neonwarrior1243

5 years ago#2
You need to find switches to power up the elevator then kill stuff on the way to the chest and to find the switches you just need to go around the map once since it's kind of like a circle.

User Info: CrownClown555

5 years ago#3
One switch is near the beginning of the map under what look like a suspended road broken into three, its under the middle part which is in the pool of acid.

The other is in the infested wharehouse.

Another switch is at the far end of the map under the construction drill.

Last one is in the center of the map in the facility just before the exit.

Hope its help.

User Info: Fryer

5 years ago#4

User Info: I_am_an_Idea

5 years ago#5
Just hope everything doesn't shut on you later on I went back in to hit up the minecraft area again and when I came back all the doors and gates I opened were shut, it was a little irritating.
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User Info: Cervosi

5 years ago#6
Question: Are you supposed to be able to open the chest at the end or not? Because I can't.
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User Info: adamolden

5 years ago#7
When I finally got the treasure, I got this pistol as a reward for turning in the quest, but once I raised the Dahl chest, I couldnt open it. Is that supposed to be openable? I didnt bother resetting and going back in yet, had to work. Just curious if it was supposed to be openable.

User Info: mosespippy

5 years ago#8
It wouldn't open for me either but after retuning to the area it did. It kind of sucks having to go through the Varkid Ramparts again.
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