Frequent Freezing!

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User Info: CabbageX3

5 years ago#11
I've been having freezing trouble since I got the game last night. I'm not even level 10 and it's frozen half a dozen times, especially when I load my save from the title screen. However, it always manages to fix itself after waiting 2-5 minutes. As long as I can hear the disc being read I just wait it out. Strange though, I think it's the game not my PS3.

User Info: T-Zone671

5 years ago#12
I have the digital copy of the Playstation market.

I can deal with the frequent texture loads, but the freezing has prevented me from playing the last 2 days.

I'm one of the lucky few who's launch model PS3 is in top condition. Please don't give me "it's dying" posts, as I take care of my machines with care. I do acknowledge that things will never be the case with all electronics, no matter the upkeep.

Anyways, sometimes when I try to load up the game, it'll freeze at a black screen forcing me to do a hard boot via front power "button." If I can get past the loading screens, I'm able to play for maybe 5 to 10 minutes before it freezes.

Every time I turn on my PS3 after a hard boot, I have to automatically recheck & restore my file system. After backing up my save & data files, not even re-installing either files help.

I know my save file isn't corrupted as I am able to play it as my Lvl 32 Axton the Commando. It's not my system as my other games, both disc & digital work splendidly.

Other users on Gearbox Software's forums also report frequent problems with Borderlands 2.
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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

5 years ago#13
Mines is a launch 60 gig too. Borderlands 2 froze about 10 times on my lvl 50 Axton. I made a brand new Zero and joined a friends game and after maybe 3 minutes it froze again. Each time it froze I had to hard reset. By the next day all of my downloaded games started to freeze when loading them up but disc games ran fine.

I got a brand new 250 gb harddrive today and re-downloaded a few games including Borderlands 2 and all work fine now. I think after all of the freezing and hard resets it destroyed my harddrive. I still refuse to play Borderlands 2 until Gearbox addresses the issue.
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User Info: Kushu

5 years ago#14
I've been hanging on "Sending character data to host" when joining an online game. I go through matchmaking fine, hit "Play", pick my character. It teleports me into the world, then hangs at the first loading screen.

It just happened twice in a row. Fortunately, I can still quit to the XMB, but it still scares me a bit. Breaking Load sequences doesn't strike me as a safe thing to do.

User Info: Nate_the_Great8

5 years ago#15
its your ps3 maybe? my friend has the same issue and he knows his fat 6 year old ps3 is dying. all of his games are funky
PSN/LoL: Nate_the_Great8

User Info: blinkboy4872

5 years ago#16
It's a save glitch issue. On the official gearbox forums, it was said this is affecting consoles and PC. It involves using the sort function on the quests section of the menu in True Vault Hunter Mode. Your save gets progressively bigger and bigger to the point that you freeze at every autosave eventually leading to making your save unplayable.

Good new is that gearbox already know the problem and are working on it. PC players were already given a hot fix, don't know how long it'll take consoles however given Sony's (not sure about Microsoft) lengthy approval process. Do not quote me on this but I believe it was said that the patch to fix this issue will work on old saves so you don't lose your characters (hopefully).
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User Info: IdTheDestroyer

5 years ago#17
After replacing my hard drive yesterday and having my downloaded games work again I tried playing my One Piece PSN game today and it froze on the loading screen. I used the PS3's rebuild database and restore file systems tools (google it if you don't know) and voila. So far no more freezing.
XBL:IdTheDestroyer8 PSN:IdTheDestroyer
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