Zer0 build. Melee vs Sniping

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User Info: KevinIsADude

5 years ago#1
Which one is better to have? I love sniping, but I can't figure out a build for sniping.

I also see a lot of good things from a Melee based Zer0.
PSN - KevinIsADude

User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#2
I tried out melee last night but the lack of versatility annoys me. Besides, not using guns in this game is sacrilegious
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: lMeRCiLeSSl

5 years ago#3
zyrax2301 posted...
I tried out melee last night but the lack of versatility annoys me. Besides, not using guns in this game is sacrilegious

haha, I felt this way at first, but, melee is so satisfying for me!

Of course neither is better... both are EXTREMELY powerful! And if you like sniping, then be a sniper!
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User Info: gna647

5 years ago#4
sniping offers MUCH more team support against groups of enemies and bosses

so sniping.
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User Info: the_ENEMY_

5 years ago#5
my zer0 is just specced to snipe, rocket and shotgun. he has all the gun boost passives, it makes any gun viable really.

the sniper only skills aren't that amazing and melee is hard to do against many enemies.


User Info: KevinIsADude

5 years ago#6
Anyone know where I can find a great sniping build?
PSN - KevinIsADude

User Info: Drkr_Zen

5 years ago#7
I go with both and, surprisingly, totally ignore the sniping tree. Decepti0n already makes sniping incredibly powerful... and no skills from the Sniping tree really look to benefit me a whole lot.

I'm honestly tempted to go with a Kunai/partial Bloodshed built using 3 elemental snipers and an Explosive rocket launcher, lol.
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User Info: Kushu

5 years ago#8
Following the suggestion of another gfaqs poster, I've been playing a Shotgun Zero.
The left and right of the Sniping Tree, plus Bore, and I'll probably take the left part of Cunning. Although really the last 14 points could be anything.

Currently using Moxxi's Heartbreaker, Corrosive Teapot and a random sniper rifle at level 17.
It's an absolute bloodbath in the best possible way.

User Info: sion4ever

5 years ago#9
My observations on the melee build are:
- it starts off painfully weak and slow until you get to 25 and get Execute
- after that it's quite powerful and you can finish the main game without problems
- TVHM however is once again quite challenging with the melee build. You hit the melee damage bonus cap a lot quicker than you'd like (because in general you'll prioritize stronger upgrades, so by the time you're 40ish you'll have only the smaller boosts left)

Right now, I'm not even sure I'll be able to handle the endgame content with the melee build. Perhaps if I can get my hands on a leveled 50ish Law & Order. Or maybe replace Order with something like the Bee and put a skill point in Resurgence instead.
But I'll probably need Rising Sh0t too for the tougher enemies that survive my stealth attacks. (1,8% dmg increase per level = 9% damage increase and it's stackable 5 times, which would amount to 45% dmg increase if the enemy survives after your fifth attack.)

In any case, I still have room for probing around so maybe it is as powerful in endgame as people have claimed. (My level is 43 by the way.)
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User Info: aaronisbla

5 years ago#10
So far, i think Cunning skill tree is the most rewarding, and is flexible. Damn good melee attacker, not nearly as strong as bloodlust build, but that shock damage off unforseen is friggin crazy. the Kunai's really help as well
PSN: aaronisbla "walk softly and carry a HUGE Axe" ~ Me
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