Tumba and Pimon?

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User Info: Viking_Mudcrap

4 years ago#1
Where is Pimon?

I killed Tumba twice and got the Orange Shotty, but I can't see to find Pimon. Also sometimes either won't even spawn.

Another thing. Is there a relic for +drop rate besides the +5.5 you get with the pre-order?
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User Info: flanjr

4 years ago#2
They should both be in the same area or fairly close to each other. I tend to fight them in the same spot.

Also i haven't seen any other loot drop relics as of yet.
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User Info: Viking_Mudcrap

4 years ago#3
Ok seriously how the hell does these people spawn?

I been to the preserve over 8 times and they won't spawn at all....

User Info: chris2k7sears

4 years ago#4
where do they even spawn? I cant find them at all and ive ran mothrakk tons of times..
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