Golden Key (completely offline)

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User Info: ashbergh

4 years ago#1
Is there any chance to get a golden key being completely offline? I just moved and won't have the net for a while. Am I sol?
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User Info: Chrazy1988

4 years ago#2
SOL; You need to be online to sign into Shift and enter the Code.

User Info: totemguy

4 years ago#3
Right now Golden Keys are in the testing stage, and Randy promises there will be a lot more on the horizon, so don't worry, Keys will still be given out a few months down the road too.
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User Info: DrGrouch

4 years ago#4
Can someone explain to me what is a Golden Key, and what do you use them for? I just started playing this.
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User Info: NowServing

4 years ago#5
In Sanctuary there is a golden chest with skulls on it. It is in the same room as the fast travel. You can only open it with a golden key. Holds very valuable loot!
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User Info: ulquiorrax

4 years ago#6
Extremely valuable, the guns I get from it pretty much near break the game. If you get a gun from there, especially one you've been looking for like an smg, you won't have to look for another sky for awhile
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