Kinetic Reflection any good?

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User Info: Nelliel

5 years ago#1
Was thinking of tossing one point in it since it grants 100% deflect, but dunno how good the skill is regardless of level. So for those who have it and tried it out, how good is it? And would you think putting one point in it is worth it if its decent?
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User Info: darkphiresage

5 years ago#2
isn't it like 10% damage reduction from bullets per point? 50% at max?...honestly, it's borderline op from that alone.

edit: well, it's only for a few secs after killing someone, so not really op. anyway, i would have to know how long it lasts to decide for myself.
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User Info: CaptainTeg

5 years ago#3
its pretty darn great, tho its better in multiplayer where there is a bajillion guys to keep on killing, drops off to much in single player for me

User Info: LordRaviel

5 years ago#4
Kinetic Reflection is definitely good. 10% damage reduction and 20% reflected bullet damage per rank. It is good by itself but if you like getting up close and personal with your enemies get a mod to boost it to 8 or 9 and you will have a lot more survivability and some additional damage output against Most bandits and hyperion troops as long as you keep killing.
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