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User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#1
Trading Post for Borderlands 2 (PS3)

Figured I'd make a thread with a nice title, and a nice little intro, so we don't have the same topics over and over filling up the board.

#1: This is NOT a topic so you can ask people to dupe weapons for you. Take that elsewhere, like Private Messaging.

#2: Trading a duping for a duping is OKAY in here.

#3: Please let people know when you are not looking for an item anymore. (Edit your original post)

#4: Anything can be traded here, it's not strictly for Legendaries, Uniques, Level 50 items, etc. If you're a Level 25 who needs something because you're stuck go ahead and ask.

#5: If you have more then 1 item(s) you're willing to trade/dupe for an item, list them all, that way people know what you have and don't need to ask, that way there's less posts.

I think that about covers it. Please sticky this! We need something up on top, there's at least 50 topics a day asking for trades.
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User Info: tsukia8

4 years ago#2
Rather have a split trade forum.
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User Info: Rob7274

4 years ago#3
I have a Infrared Bandit Technical Skin for trade for anogther head or Skin that I have not got. ( I'm missing many).

PSN Rob7274


4 years ago#4
Trading a Scalable Conference Call & 2 Pitchforks for an Infinity pistol.
PSN: Neurotoxus
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User Info: Arch Angel 13

Arch Angel 13
4 years ago#5
Anyone got a level 45-46 adaptive shield, at least 8k capacity and at least 3.5k health? I've got some mid-ish level E-techs I could throw your way.
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User Info: metalguitar13

4 years ago#6
Trading level 49 purple Gunzerker class mod

Shield Capacity +10211
Shield Recharge Rate +37%

+4 I'm the Juggernaut
+2 Hard to Kill
+3 Asbestos

Will trade for a a level 48-50 purple Zer0 class mod that goes with the cunning skill tree
(Fire rate, shield capacity, etc.) with skills such as Tw0 Fang, Fast Hands, etc.

My account is Ukraine622, message me if you want to trade.

User Info: D_O_G87

4 years ago#7
Looking for Moxxis bad touch lv 48 or higer.

Have some lowlevel rare to trade with (minecraft sniper lv 27, hellfire lvl 9, baby maker, and som othe items)
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User Info: oldskoolffgamer

4 years ago#8
tsukia8 posted...
Rather have a split trade forum.

This. Trading is ruined in this game with all the freaking duping, what is wrong with you people?

User Info: psnshade71

4 years ago#9
Trading lvl 50 feral veruc, lvl 49 caustic babymaker, lvl 50 gauranteed babymaker, lvl 50 fire babymaker, lvl 49 bee shield, lvl 50 terramorphous commando class mod.

Wanting legendary shredifier, madhous, hammer buster, leech, fire bee.

Edit: also need infinity
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User Info: jqh97116

4 years ago#10
Bump. Please sticky this also. Already dropped back 5 pages in an hour or so lol.

If you don't know how:

Message Detail on first post > Request Topic Sticky

That way this will stay at the top.
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