What's the deal between Lilith and Roland (Spoilers?)

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  3. What's the deal between Lilith and Roland (Spoilers?)

User Info: gotdangit

5 years ago#1
So are they dating, they used to be dating what happened? It seems like Lilith still likes Roland and even mentions that if he comes back she's taking his clothes off, or something right?

My friend said they broke up, but I don't remember that ever happening in the game or being mentioned. And I thought I remember Lilith saying Roland was her boyfriend, but not mention of breaking up.

So what's the deal between these characters and where can I get a background check or anything on these characters. Is it in game, or from an outside source?
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User Info: lubmelubyou

5 years ago#2
Lilith loves big turrets.
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User Info: Arch Angel 13

Arch Angel 13
5 years ago#3
Were together, broke up, likely still friends with benefits.
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User Info: rave50000

5 years ago#4
i remember lilth herself saying she and roland broke up in the mission where you first meet her
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User Info: Defyingthelaw

5 years ago#5
she said "Well ex-boyfriend." But it does seem like shes still into him.. not that it matters not *SPOILER*

User Info: Weiland101

5 years ago#6
Pretty sure this was explained during one of the missions.
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  3. What's the deal between Lilith and Roland (Spoilers?)

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