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patch is here

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User Info: smartass1632

5 years ago#1
US east coast in Rhode Island here. Just installed. Just giving a heads up to whoever's curious.
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User Info: ManuKesna

5 years ago#2
no Gaige yet right? that is coming with the store update right?
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User Info: psnshade71

5 years ago#3
Update available in southeast texas as well.
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User Info: lionhartwolf

5 years ago#4
ManuKesna posted...
no Gaige yet right? that is coming with the store update right?

there is a good chance you have to download it from the store since some people actually have to pay for it.

EDIT i stand corrected. she is ready to use.

User Info: Mogleo

5 years ago#5
Gaige is live for me. Back your stuff up beforehand though, heard rumours of a bug.

User Info: r0gUeLi0n43

5 years ago#6
Pittsburgh here. Patch is downloading right now.
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User Info: Mogleo

5 years ago#7
Oh wait. I had the premier club though. Sorry :/

User Info: codebreak1337

5 years ago#8
Florida keys baby lock and load !
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User Info: rudra52

5 years ago#9
oh yeah gaige my sniping queen here we go
We are many you are but one

User Info: zxzArieszxz

5 years ago#10
Indianapolis, got it here.
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