Sign here if you've been hit by the train in Tundra Express

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User Info: Klic42

4 years ago#41

User Info: DaMan1900

4 years ago#42
Ex Sony Fanboy

User Info: Razael_Osirus

4 years ago#43
Me and my wife were playing and she just died so I was rushing over to revive her and was plowed by a train.
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User Info: lonewulf123

4 years ago#44
KittenLina posted...
I got 10 Badass rank for that. It's a hidden one.

Cool, I didn't know this. I got a badass rank for getting smashed by Ellie's Trash compactor.

User Info: RobotPirteGhost

4 years ago#45
Didn't even know you could get hit by the trains. Gotta go try it now.
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User Info: Kushu

4 years ago#46
Oh yeah. I've been creamed by that thing at least 5 times.

User Info: GAwookie

4 years ago#47
I sign, but my fav as of yet time being hit by the train was me and 3 of my buddies all in tundra trying to get verm to spawn, we had 2 ultimate badass varkids trying to get em to hit some bandits ect. all of a sudden i get smacked by the train and as i die i got to whitness the awesomeness of a ultimate badass varkid get smushed as well (was amazingly sweet cuz these 2 varkids had cost me about 20M that night) and i run back up to my friends just in time to watch the other get smacked as well.... and i think my first time being hit i was showing a buddy a gun in lynchwood and standing on the platform just above the tunnel and i got killed as the train flew by under me but no shots had been fired by anyone
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User Info: DelusioNzorszor

4 years ago#48
Oddly enough, never the train in tundra, but the train in lynchwood.

Main street, went to jump the gap. mid-air BOOM, dead while gunzerking and spewing gibberish. Cut down my pride.

User Info: Hyokun

4 years ago#49
something hit me good in lynchwood and i didn't know what happened... i just jumped back in the middle of a fight and died in mid-air... my friend said 'i think i heard a train, watch out' and i said 'so that explains a lot of things lol' such good times

User Info: KeineZeit

4 years ago#50
Playing co-op with my friend, I'd never been there before and it was the middle of the fight at the train station.
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