Gaige or Axton?

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User Info: gna647

5 years ago#1
Who should I play as next? - Results (122 votes)
59.84% (73 votes)
40.16% (49 votes)
This poll is now closed.
almost done with my zer0 and my maya and sal are at 50 (no i dont powerlevel)

So these are the two i have left. I tried them out a bit, and i'm having a ton of fun with gaige's anarchy perk, axton is meh so far but i think he's more fun and effective when his turret is upgraded.

So i'm pretty torn between these two.

User Info: notedeath

5 years ago#2
Axton for turret, everything else gaige. Axton without turret is just meh, Gaige without DT is still hella fun. So my vote still gaige.
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User Info: MHNetio

5 years ago#3
Axton next. Because when you really learn Gaige it's likely you'll forget about Axton.

User Info: LordRaviel

5 years ago#4
Gaige for aggresive close quarters play Axton for mid range defensive play.
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User Info: yarou

5 years ago#5
Either or, both are fun characters and can be fun without their "pet' (Yes Axton can still be good without a turret.) and if anything, I'd say just flip a coin on it or something, you'll have fun with both. :P

User Info: Blitz46

5 years ago#6
Gaige is just to fun for you not to play. If you get her skills right your pretty much playing the grim reaper.

User Info: Watcher78

5 years ago#7
I find the turrets a better means of taking the heat of when things get hectic, especially with longbow & maglock. With DT the effect isn't as instantaneous. Not so important at 1st but it has saved me numerous times in TVHM. The mag size & AR skills make explosive rifles real brutes too.
DT is a beast though & he tears through racks & stalkers like nothing else.
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User Info: TJ_17_

5 years ago#8
The turret is very useful from the start, but gaige is much much more fun. Also, depending on the skills you pick, DT can be just as, if not more helpful than the turret. Plus, there's a FIFTY percent chance bullets can BOUNCE BACK AND HIT SOMEONE ELSE AT LEVEL 10.

so worth it.
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User Info: zegram33

5 years ago#9
gaige if you want toget into summoning as a mechanic, since hers is easier (doesnt require strategic placement)

basically, a good axton turret build will usually sit back at mid-long range, deploy turrets, and have a continuous stream of heavy fire doucheing people

gaige is more likely to charge alongside her dt

if you DONT want an action sill specific build, both are still crazy powerful
axton has insane shields, reload, health regen, and great boosts for assault rifles, allowing him to be the team leader and cove based shoot his way to victory

gaige....BFF first skill workswell with the anarchy tree about not reloading, since you can spray wildly andstill hopefull hit the guy
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