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User Info: Reenie42

4 years ago#1
Here is currently what I have for trade. I'll be looking for anything/variations of guns I don't have, along with Transformer, pandemic, white death, hive, and legendary heads. I have multiple of each item, and it is taking too long to go through and put the different elements of guns I have, so just ask. Everything is level 50 unless otherwise specified.

Assault Rifles
Breach Seraphim
Rigorous KerBlaster
Plump KerBlaster
Nasty KerBlaster
Wild KerBlaster
Boss Hammer Buster
Razor Hammer Buster
Scout Veruc
Onslaught Veruc
Feral Veruc
Attack Veruc
Patrol Veruc
Fast Bulets Madhous
Ferocious Shredifier
Skewering Hail
Expansive Hail
Capt. Blade's Rapier
Hard Evil Smasher (47)
Wild Stomper

Thrusting Devastator
Explicit Devastator
Trick Shot Maggie (49)
Straight Shootin' Maggie
Two Fer Maggie
Dastardly Maggie
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold
Purging Infinity
Rapid Infinity
Unending Infinity
Punctilious Thunderball Fists
Surfeit Thunderball Fists
Elegant Thunderball Fists
Potent Thunderball Fists
Close Quarters Hornet
Twin Hornet
Peppy Gunerang
Dependable Gunerang
Dynamic Logan's Gun (49)
Action Logan's Gun
Murduerer's Gub
Incendiary Greed
Leather Law
Hot Button Fibber
Dynamic Lady Fist (48)

Rocket Launchers
Dippity Ahab
Ruthless Mongol
Big Badaboom
Quick Drawler Badaboom
Rapid Badaboom (47)
Rocket Pawket Badaboom
Snyper Badaboom (49)
Puissant Norfleet (48)
Plenteous Norfleet
Pertinent Pyrophobia
Dippity Nukem (47)
Large Bunny
Ultraprecise Buny (48)

Gentle Retcher
Huntin Striker
Potent Flakker
Juicy Flakker
Bad Touch Flakker
Desperate Flakker
Casual Flakker
Extra Large Deliverance
Gentle Deliverance
Sledge's Shotgun
Practicable CC (most if not all elements)
Critical CC (most if not all elements)
Reactive CC
Capt. Blade's Orphan Maker
Hurty Jolly Roger
Fire Fire Teeth of Terra
Quick Loaderer Teeth of Terra

Corporate Actualizer
Bladed Tattler (x2)
Brisk Baby Maker
Perma-Sharp Baby Maker
Quality Baby Maker
Murduring Slagga
Ballanced Slagga
Cuting Slagga
Agresive Slagga
Acuminous Hellfire
Lucid Hellfire
Consummate Hellfire
Apt Hellfire
Impetuous Hellfire
Guileless Hellfire
Corporate B1tch
Cutting Edge B1tch
Analytical B1tch
Skirmish Emperor
Deft Emperor
Stoic Emperor
Miss Moxxi's Good Touch
Bandity Bone Shredder
Deft Sand Hawk (corr.)
Corporate Commerce (elect.)

Sniper Rifles
Skorry Patriot
Hyiu Skullmasher (48)
Tumtum Skullmasher
Skookum Skullmasher
Gromky Lyuda
Dobby Lyuda
Razrez Lyuda
Pacifying Pitchfork
Surgical PItchfork
Operational Pitchfork
Liquid Pitchfork
Cartel Pitchfork
Operational Invader
Auditing Invader
Fashionable Volcano
Gentlemen's Volcano
Monstrous Volcano
Barking Volcano
Sublime Volcano
Longitudinal Longbow
Thermogenic Longbow
Venture Longbow
Tumtum Buffalo (32K damage)
Fashionable Pimpernel
Barking Chere-amie
Barking Railer
Longitudinal Hybridification
Cartel Railer

Blood of Terra
Blood of Seraphs
Perfect Tediore
Capt. Blade's Otto Idol
Vitality (50%)

Class Mods
All legendary
All Slayer of Terra

Rolling Thunder
Fire Bee
Nasty Surprise
Bonus Package
Breath of Terra
Capt. Blade's Midnight Star
Bouncing Bonny
Storm Front

User Info: TryHard-Toaster

4 years ago#2
What seraphs have you got?

User Info: Reenie42

4 years ago#3
Hide of Terra
The Sham
Flame of the Firehawk
Black Hole
The Bee (most if not all varieties, i.e. Alkaline, Blast Proof, Grounded)
The Cradle
Fabled Tortoise
Capt. Blade's Manly Man Shield

Thanks, TrainerMatt21

User Info: TryHard-Toaster

4 years ago#4
well What are you looking for man, Your already on my friends and you got me two level 50's and a nice bank D: I have a list of what i have if you want me to post a link

User Info: Reenie42

4 years ago#5
Seraphs=Bladed Tattler, Skorry Patriot, Evolution, Blood of Seraphs, Corporate Actualizer, Dippity Ahab, Gentle Retcher, Breach Seraphim, Thrusting Devastator, Explicit Devastator. I glitch the crystals though, so can keep buying whatever is available in the machine if you want me to look for something specific.

User Info: Reenie42

4 years ago#6
Looking for any gun variation (legendary) that I don't already have, and some legendary heads (KK, LC, shaladoo style, etc...), and the stuff already listed at top of topic.

User Info: TryHard-Toaster

4 years ago#7

I want Every seraph weapon there is .. Lol + anything else not on my list if possible, and if you see anything there let me know, I've updated it since the last time we've palyed.

User Info: Reenie42

4 years ago#8
sent you a PM with wish list.

User Info: shootamcgavin

4 years ago#9
what are the stats on that unending inf. how does it differ from the others?

User Info: Reenie42

4 years ago#10
Unending infinity sucks, just collected it to help finish collection. to me, purging infinity is best I've seen.
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