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User Info: pleolicious

5 years ago#11

User Info: Fusionnojutsu

5 years ago#12
No problem. I figured since there was no warning, and that they ONLY posted this through their Facebook with no heads up from the usual places, that not as many as usual would have caught it.
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User Info: Elite236

5 years ago#13
Thanks just got my golden key to!! And just wondering anybody ever get an orange out of the sanctuary chest?? Im pretty sure its only purp but just wondering

User Info: Nodonn3

5 years ago#14
Max loot level is Purple, both regular and e-tech.
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User Info: Feitan987

5 years ago#15
Still working...Many thanks.
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User Info: HolyLancer9

5 years ago#16
For some reason, it won't let me connect to SHiFT...
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User Info: Da_Qweerio

5 years ago#17
(SIXX Qweerio) Too Fast For Love !

User Info: slickutica

5 years ago#18
wifter8 posted...
Awesome TC.

Got hit with BA Rank glitch and without thinking loaded my backup profile that was a few weeks old. Needless to say, I lost 3 Gold Keys.

I'd also advise backing up your profile after getting Golden Keys or Skins you don't wont to lose.


I got hit with the BA glitch a month back and lost 5 keys that i had built up from the shift codes....needless to say im still not in the mood to gather anymore keys again lol.

User Info: JuicyBox

5 years ago#19
Thanks! I havent checked Randys Twitter in a while
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User Info: eezoBeezo

5 years ago#20
Thanks so much. I wasn't aware they posted separate codes for FB.
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