I tried playing Borderlands after this

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User Info: zyrax2301

5 years ago#1
God damn...it's so f***ing boring. The controls and movement also feels really sluggish and nasty after BL2. I quit after a few hours.

Has anybody else gone back to that game after playing this and been put off by the shortcomings?
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User Info: firstbornnyc

5 years ago#2
I did and had a blast with it, BL2 was the first one i played i got halfway through the game and was like "let me go thru the first one before i beat this one". I like the way you can keep health in your inventory.

User Info: gzus_AD

5 years ago#3
i quit after reaching the menu.
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User Info: TallulahSoie

5 years ago#4
I haven't gone back to it as of yet, but I highly doubt it will change my opinion of it.

It's a tad different. You just have to get used to it. I had to get used to BL2. I had issues with it at first and now it's great...most of the time.

User Info: Toadwartt

5 years ago#5
I still play the first and enjoy it. Still seems more stable then bl2.
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User Info: bernhardt123

5 years ago#6
A couple weeks ago I went back to BL because a friend wanted to play co-op. The controls do feel somewhat sluggish. Still enjoy it though.
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User Info: MushmomDropsPoo

5 years ago#7
i actually picked it back up earlier today. my biggest gripes are that the world is pretty bland (50 shades of brown), and it does feel a little sluggish compared to BL2, but it still plays great. the only issue i really had was how zoom/fire in BL2 is l1/l2, where in BL1 it's l2/r2. ended up being harder to go back to than i thought, but only for that reason. game is great fun still, although i think both games suffer from the same problem-a pretty boring first hour or two.
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