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User Info: Lsnake

5 years ago#41
Hmm..I just gave up Borderlands 2 myself, first I got hit smack in the head with the Get to know Jack #5 quest bug, and when I was trying to get Co-Op for it, I lost all my BAR. I just quit the game and put it on the shelf, Maybe I'll pop it back in if they release a patch that actually fixes some of these things. By the looks of the patch notes, perhaps I'll be able to progress again. Then I'll just have to endure the possible loss of BAR.

The game is frustrating enough solo, even worse losing all those extra bonuses..but I'll endure that if I can just get through the rest of the trophies at this point. Not doing all these sidequests again..
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User Info: aPimp_named_leE

5 years ago#42
RampantAI posted...
feraldrgn posted...
Hey Rampant, is that a known fact?

So I can avoid this glitch as long as I continue playing legit single player?

Anywho, on a side note I'll probably end up getting the GOTYE later myself if they release one.
It's just so good.

every case that I had read on the gearbox forums was from people playing splitscreen using the same profile, and doing various things like duping items, keys, or BA ranks, then saving with the second character after the primary character has saved or left, then quitting out.

As far as I have read, here and on gbf, no one has had the glitch happen to them since they learned to either have a second profile for player2, or make sure player 1 is the last one to save/leave the game.

thats weird. using the sign in on same profile trick i must have duped items a bunch times and used it for unlimited golden keys well over 100+ times, but no BAR reset or any problems at all. i guess its because, like you said, " player 1 is the last one to save/leave the game." its funny people had issue with that, always seemed like common sense to me...

then my friend, who has only played the game legitimately (on xbox) got his BAR and skins reset after downloading and playing with Gauge... or the pirate expansion pack, i forget which one. tweaking is one way to mess up your save, but there has to be another reason.
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User Info: Inhorealisti

5 years ago#43
jonsushi posted...
Inhorealisti posted...
You assume too much & your post was pure nonsense.

LMAO., that wasn't nonsense. Even if you said it twice. In fact it was very easy to understand, well written, and made total sense.

Want an example of nonsense? I can only think of one at the moment so I'll see if this helps you any. An example of nonsense could be a person not having even played a game that they paid for probably 2 months ago simply because of a possible glitch. Unless they lived in Japan in which it might be closer to 1 month. But I wouldn't even admit that.

That's nonsense. And I only have to say it once. And the great part is that I was able to do it without trying to insult someone else.

More nonsense.

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