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User Info: Dr_Wizard

5 years ago#1
At the moment I have a slag b*itch and its doing pretty well
But I was curious if I can do better?
Maybe a slag shredifier or slag infinity? I've also heard of the slagga but I chose the hodunks side because I wanted the Maggie revolver so that's out.
I just want to hear a few opinions tho so what do you guys think?
Psn: Doctor_Wizard
Butt stallion says hello - Handsome Jack

User Info: Double991

5 years ago#2
If you're looking for shear slag, i'm sure the Slagga would be the best choice.

Other than that, the Slag Shredifier takes the cake. I use one myself.
PSN : Double991
I will kill anything and everything in your game because I am overpowered and cannot be nerfed.
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