Bonus package or Meteor Shower?

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User Info: Argosax_dude

4 years ago#1
I'm saving up crystals for a Meteor Shower, but the o-negative is a transfusion that would heal the entire team and that would be a lot of help taking on raids. So should I save the crystals for the o-negative and use tokens for the bonus package? Or is the Meteor Shower way better than the bonus package and I should get it first?
Please advise

User Info: notamonkey

4 years ago#2
i would say o-negative.
there isnt much of a different between meteor shower or bonus package.
tho you could always just do the back up trick and get both.

User Info: White_Rabbit101

4 years ago#3
Bonus package is more controled imo leading to less accidents... O-negative is insane if u find the slag variety! Heal and do more damage
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User Info: Argosax_dude

4 years ago#4
hmmm, and how does exactly o-negative work? each heal pellet heals everybody? Already got a slag transfusion so unless it does exactly that it doesnt sound like much of an upgrade.
Can u get it in sticky homing version? (the best version for transfusion, at least the sticky part since the explosion already charges up the pellets)

User Info: soundman428

4 years ago#5
I use a homing meteor shower mod (not sure about the damage, but I know its a multiplier of x12.) It does the job for me. Its got a great radius area and suits my play style. I will fight until my shield is gone, then I will grab some cover and toss one out. You can safely hold about 8-10 guys off while your Shields recover.

User Info: jeraste717

4 years ago#6
the homing slag o negative, and homing meteor shower are my two favorite go to grenade mods right now. if I am going to be right up in the mix, o negative, if I am taking on a boss where I can keep a bit of distance, or I just want to clear an area before even going through the door, meteor shower.
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User Info: Argosax_dude

4 years ago#7
but does it heal every one in the party, i mean, if i get all the pellets do they get healed too?
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