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User Info: TheLastZwei

4 years ago#101
Psychikos posted...
Machine Gun
Shooting increases accuracy
+20% Gun damage
Red text: "He came before the flood."
Effect: Instead of exploding when thrown, it releases two small orbs that rotate on an axis while firing bullets sporadically; the more bullets left in the magazine, the more damage this does.

I totally think we should be holding some kind of contest for 'best custom legendary.'

Exactly. So many great ideas. :)
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4 years ago#102
jeraste717 posted...
kid gloves
maliwan shield
35k capacity
4k recharge rate
6 second recharge delay
35k roid damage
25k spike damage
75k nova damage
red text "they are coming off"
spikes deal slag damage to melee attackers. when depleted shield emits a continuous slag singularity nova. using melee when shield is fully charged grants roid damage and drains shield. movement speed increases by 20 percent when depleted.

LOL And your PS3 melts to the stand! Good one!
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User Info: phantom_blade66

4 years ago#103
The Ripper - SMG

Red Text - There will be blood
Stats: Insanely high bonus to melee damage, gun also works as a spikes shield whether your actualy shield is spike variety or not. Bonus to movement speed. Descreased enemy awareness during night time. (Also would include high damage increase to female enemies if there were more of them)

The Apocalypse -Shotgun

Red Text: The Horsemen Cometh
Stats: Fires out four enemy seeking rounds, fire, electrocution, corrode, and explosion pet shot. Last round in magazine fires out a Rider projection/illusion (similiar to the blight phoenix wings) that slags all nearby enemies

The Posey -Rocket Launcher

Red Text: Ashes ashes. they all fall down...
Stats: First shot explodes on contact into 5 mirv grenades that explode, which those 5 then explode again into 2 mirv grenades. So essential big shot/explosion, five explosions, then 10 explosions to cap it off. Slow reload speed however

Gearbox better be taking note of these for DLC ideas. All of you guys have been giving some pretty damn fantastic responses that I really want to use

User Info: Marblez2007

4 years ago#104
The Flaming Bunghole
Incinderary SMG
Special - Whenever this gun is out, the PC must constantly laugh like Beavis and Butt-Head
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User Info: shem33

4 years ago#105
Jakobs Sniper: Hole-in-One

Life isn't always fairway....

Effects: Every one shot kill through the chests triggers soft golf claps. If it doesn't kill, it gives enemy bonus to movement speed, gun damage, and melee damage.

80% bonus to weapon damage
30% bonus to reload speed
Increases magazine size 50%

Vladaf Assault Rifle: Bipolariza

Wa da fa is a crescent sun?!

Effects: Stats and bonus changes depending on time of day, I.E. during day, more accurate, less ammo; during night, less accurate, more ammo

Day bonus:
50% extra damage against wildlife enemies including bosses
35% chance to slag
30% to ignore shields

Night Bonus:
75% critical damage against any and all Hyoerion enemies including bosses
15% chance to fire 3 bullets for the price of one
last bullet from every magazine deals 10,000 amp damage

Hyperion Shotgun: Party Favor x20

Scooter's theory of hillarity

Effects: headshot any humanoid (Jack included) and confetti explodes from their faces!!!

150% critical damage
Reduced ammo per shot
-25% accuracy
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User Info: shem33

4 years ago#106
Seeing that no one has added more, I'll give it another whirl.

Torgue Assault Rifle: Junkyard

"Strung out on heaven's high, hitting an all time low....."

Effects: Rounds fired follow a short straight to a steep curve trajectory to target. Upon contact, target is launched straight up into the air....

50% bullet speed and weapon damage
increased clip size
bonus explosive damage

Torgue Rocket Launcher: Pipe Louder

Viva la boom!!!!

Fires one huge warhead but splits into, at most, 5 homing projectiles for lesser damage, if there are multiple targets in the general area the launcher is aimed at. If there are multiple targets, wielder has no control as to which the projectiles will home in.

Reduced ammo use
35% faster reload
-15% reduced movement speed
bonus explosive damage

Maliwan SMG: Gravegiver

How do you like them apples?

Effects: any rounds scavenged or absorbed via shield or skills gains bonus amp damage equivalent to the the damage it would've done.

*gives 2 random increase to generic gun stats*
your post must be pregnant... because its missing its periods.--bakedpotato86
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