Jackenstein the Impossible

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User Info: Mud_Chan

4 years ago#11
Wow. This fight is so incredibly difficult considering everything else in this DLC was a complete and utter breeze. I cannot figure out how to beat him after the two plugs on his back are gone. I get a ton of messages that I've hit his critical spots, however no life wears down. The head the video mentions is wrong and the chest cavity only seems to register criticals if he is currently in the process of shooting sparks. I seem to run out of SMG, Assault, Sniper, and Shotgun ammo long before I can deplete even a fraction of the health in that phase though.

Any suggestions? Should I be aiming somewhere that is not the chest, nor head?

Edit: Note to others. If you run into this problem, leave the zone, then come back in. Either that or random chance with no changes in strategy made the hits register.
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User Info: lolcopters12

4 years ago#12
I really didn't have any issues with him, thanks to Assassin's little decoy.
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User Info: Tattedgamer8

4 years ago#13
I just sliced him to death with Zer0, it was pretty easy.
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User Info: VanishingWorlds

4 years ago#14
After we made it to the Lodge, I had to go back to Sanctuary to modify my loadout. Took My Sand Hawk and Pimpernel with me, along with a Retcher that I didn't know I had. Sand Hawk did most of the work, honestly, with the Retcher coming out to play against the armored bugs. Even against Jackenstein, the Sand Hawk did most of the boss work.
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User Info: Ezeo18

4 years ago#15
So when i beat him over and over again i cantget the door to the armory open??does it not let u anymore??
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User Info: Frosted_Midna

4 years ago#16
The Pitchfork is your best friend in this fight. I found the battle quite easy when you lock your Pitchfork on those prongs on his back. You will take them out in a few shots.
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User Info: FoolsFolly

4 years ago#17
Is there any strategy that doesn't involve using hacked weapons to 1-shot him?
Chest is only vulnerable when he is shooting lightning-balls at me, so I can't stop to shoot him without getting killed very quickly.
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User Info: Panopictonguy

4 years ago#18
The video is confusing for people. It's saying "Shoot him in the head." I'm not sure if he's saying "The Head" to mean jacks head or if he actually believe's his weak spot is his actual.

Shoot the thing in the chest. Jack's Head is inside the beast chest with armor over it. It is only vulnerable when spitting lightning at you, you have to evade and shoot at the same time. No Bee or Legendaries required.
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User Info: KukaiDragon

4 years ago#19
Once I realized his chest cavity was the only weak spot he had, it was a breeze. If you keep shooting randomly you are killing yourself with your own ricochets.

User Info: Et_Al

4 years ago#20
I had to fight him about 6 times to get the Yellow Jacket but I used the same strategy:

Commando, throw my Nuke Turret at him and snipe the barrels, retrieve turret once he went up and personally killed loaders, then threw my turret in his face so it could unload 11 shots per burst and missiles in his Jack-face. I sometimes had to help it finish him, but my turret did me proud more often than not.
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