What was your first legendary weapon?

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User Info: ThRaShEr131313

4 years ago#61
KerBlaster level 38 still have it sentimental value or something.
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User Info: Grimwhisper

4 years ago#62
Don't remember which in the first one. I picked up a level 11 Gromky Lyuda during my first playthrough of BL2, though. I was stoked. It carried me for about 10 levels.
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User Info: ChumpNorris

4 years ago#63
Borderlands 1: I have no clue what it was anymore
Borderlands 2: lvl 7 Madhous! while trying to max eridium on the slots
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User Info: Crowh47

4 years ago#64
striker, first time killing old slappy :D
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User Info: carr255osu

4 years ago#65
Borderlands 1: not sure
Borderlands 2: Deliverance in wildlife exploitation preserve during my first playthrough.
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  3. What was your first legendary weapon?

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