Stop using SHIFT codes

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User Info: down585

4 years ago#1
I recently saw an article about increasing the level cap (I'm not gonna leave a link, use google) and someone from gearbox said they were using the shift codes to obtain information about people's level, playtime and overall interest in the game. They say they haven't raised the cap because there are still plenty of people under level 50 and interest in the game hasn't gone down. So what I'm thinking is if people stopped entering the shift codes they may think people need the higher level cap to stay interested.
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User Info: szathmab

4 years ago#2
They are not getting info from putting in shift codes. They get the data every time you log into the servers when you start the game. So you should tell everyone to play offline.
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User Info: down585

4 years ago#3
^ look it up. That's what the shift codes are for.
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User Info: ElimRawne

4 years ago#4
I think the ratio of players who indeed are in the 50s is much hight. I'm sure there are other people who don't like being watched during play and refused to join shift.

User Info: Gxgear

4 years ago#5
Their Shift server might give them some idea of how users are playing their game, but honestly the timeline for DLC release is probably all pre-determined.

I hope Gearbox take those statistics with a grain of salt, if they do in fact make decisions based on them. A very small percentage of players finishes games in general, level 50 is the equivalent of completing 2 playthroughs. There's also dummy accounts, twinks, mules, or even just inactive accounts to consider.

User Info: DwR3000

4 years ago#6
How bout this,

Gearbox just raise the cap for christ sake, game has been out for 4 months and its about god**** time.

There hopefully they'll read this lol

User Info: BBELL051489

4 years ago#7
I'm confused why raising the level cap is going to hurt people who haven't reached 50.
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User Info: akantra

4 years ago#8
This topic seems very misinformed and inaccurate..

The shift program is designed for Gearbox to track how people are playing the game. It tracks how many people have completed each mission, what everyone's levels are currently at for all characters on a profile, what kind of guns you use, what kind of damage you're registering, and plenty of other stats.

It is also capable of showing them if people are modding. Example: People that used programs or game genie to increase their level beyond the cap. Like my level 125s or the magic mysterious accidental level 3075 that we couldn't reproduce.

If you wish to not be a part of the Shift Program, then you must not join or remove yourself from the program. Also, playing online allows them to track your data as well. So if you don't like the watchful eyes of Gearbox, then play offline.

The shift codes are used as promotions primarily for free keys, and they tested the ability to give us loot with the halloween skins. Eventually they will probably release special items like those skins using the shift codes, but the codes themselves do not affect anything other than giving you said item upon release of the codes.

Shift is a tracking system so they can review the data of the players and how they are playing / using the game. This is how they determine nerfs, buffs, increases, decreases, and other stuff along that line.
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User Info: mrjish

4 years ago#9
Does it only obtain data on the character loaded at the time you enter a shift code, or does it take from the "profile data" of all characters??? Because I've got 4 50's, and another 5 or so characters ranging from 13-41, and most the codes I enter are when I'm getting the lower levels up.

User Info: akantra

4 years ago#10
I believe it tracks everything on your profile, not just the character loaded. Kind of like how your profile data is profile wide and your character saves are individual. It should be linked to your profile data.
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