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User Info: kingexdeath

4 years ago#11
I think they should come out with the last crappy 4th dlc, another new character, and then actually make some good damn dlc during summer or fall that includes the level cap and all the other crap that makes a good game better.

User Info: grocco

4 years ago#12
BBELL051489 posted...
I'm confused why raising the level cap is going to hurt people who haven't reached 50.

Me too. To me raising the cap is a no-brainer. People below 50 won't care, and people at 50 would have more of a reason to play. Why they haven't done it already is a mystery...
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User Info: reptar74

4 years ago#13
he posts so many new ones every week that it doesnt really matter
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User Info: Illustriousness

4 years ago#14
Level cap rise is coming within the next two months, most likely sooner. Would have thought this would be common knowledge by now.
I honestly have no idea what he's talking about.
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