so... does this game suck, or not?

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  3. so... does this game suck, or not?

User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#1
i looked for gameplay on youtube, and found out it was some kinda early build and they completely changed the game, turning it into a pile of crap, according to all the comments.

i heard from a friend that the borderlands games offered completely random weapons and they had practically unlimited alterations you could make to them, or something... i dunno if he was exaggerating or not, cause i never played borderlands, even though i wanted the first game.

how many weapons are in this and how much can you customize them?

what interesting features DOES this game have left? from the comments, they apparently removed all the good stuff and added in pointless "padding" and useless crap.

i need an answer because i was thinking of getting this today, but... from what i heard, its not sounding very good, anymore. :/
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User Info: phantom_blade66

4 years ago#2
This is one of my favorite games ever, same for Borderlands 1

There are millions of variations of guns. There's no padding in the game, main missions, side missions, and challenges are all worthwhile.

Stop listening to others being negative and enjoy the game for yourself.

You'll be missing out if you don't buy this, just like you missed out on the first Borderlands

User Info: devak108

4 years ago#3
You actually put stock in what people say on youtube? Lol, there's your problem right there bro, Borderlands is an awesome series.

User Info: Rjmhart

4 years ago#4
Did you get it TC? You can't customize the guns or level them up yourself unless you get into modding. Gearbox designed the guns to randomly drop with variations of gun parts. Speaking for in game stats, you might get x2 damage, a larger clip, elemental damage over time, etc. basically, due to the randomness of how the game creates the guns, it multiplies out exponentially. The first Borderlands had something like (no exaggeration) 19M combinations, or something crazy like that.

Both games are RPGs in a fps environment. They are extremely good at what they do. When you are level 16, you will not be able to damage a level 20 enemy. Come back at level 21 and you can one shot the same enemy. The skill trees are one of the best aspects of both games. There are skills that simply add a percent to damage with a certain type of gun. Other skills might alter how the character interacts in combat. Instead of a basic melee attack, you can choose a skill that makes you lunge forward.

Borderlands 2 was not in any way dumbed down. In fact, they added a lot of features that make it better. If you are playing online in the second one, when one person picks up ammo, everyone gets it. The story and variety of the quests are better in the second one.

Both games have somewhat low brow humor. Jokes about sex and stuff. But actually funny jokes. The Npcs are real colorful too.
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User Info: Johnny_Cueto

4 years ago#5
I liked the first one better probably, but this game was enjoyable too.

User Info: AndnA3

4 years ago#6
They all just rages over the nerfs they did to the game.

YouTube comments are just Bane in form of video comments.
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