so many weapons, and little to no storage... which weapons should i keep?

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  3. so many weapons, and little to no storage... which weapons should i keep?

User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#1
after just finishing a side mission... i have ended up with atleast one purple weapon and SEVERAL blue weapons... several of which have red text on their stats like my legendary close quarters hornet does...

i have one called "thre dog"... which i assume is a reference to fallout 3.

anyway, which weapons are TRULY unique, and shouldnt be sold? are any of these weapons permanently missable? like, if i sell my hornet, a legendary weapon, since its kinda weak... i mean, it was the very first weapon i got in the game... will i ever find a higher level version of the weapon?

i dont know what to do... in most games, i collect pretty much EVERYTHING i find interesting, even if its just to look at... but i cant do that with this game.

its weird, a game based around looting and finding limitless weapons... and you cant really hope to keep anything, since even with max upgrades, the storage limit in this game is truly pathetic.

i love the game, but why give us such a tiny backpack and vault?

seriously, we can teleport, create vehicles out of thin air, and even be resurrected through machines that copy our DNA and back our character up like a computer file, and god knows what else... but they havent created "hammerspace"?
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User Info: AtlasGuy689

4 years ago#2
You have two options, make mules to put all your items on, or you can do the infinite bank glitch.
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User Info: viserin

4 years ago#3
Blues are mostly quest meaning you can get them in your next playthrough at a higher level and legendarys can be farmed again
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User Info: o0_GunBullet_0o

4 years ago#4
do the skillpoints reset glitch and clone your characters so they can already have 27 bank space and backpack space and reset the whole story mission to 2.5. so all the blue items with red text is level 50 :P

User Info: knive87

4 years ago#5
i have 3 mules. i named all of them BLUES, PURPLES, and ORANGES. i also dressed them up in the appropriate colour.
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User Info: Jetanium4

4 years ago#6
Wah wah wah
This game wasn't designed with hoarding in mind
wah wah wah.
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User Info: JoWinner

4 years ago#7
don't sell the hornet, if you want rid of it, i'll buy it or trade for it

i'll buy all your red text gear too

or i could make a mule for you, i'd call it ZeroJinKuishould'vesoldmostofthiscrapalready
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User Info: garublador

4 years ago#8
If it's your first playthrough then it will all be obsolete eventually. Some of it will be obsolete soon if it isn't already. Most, if not all, of the blue ones with red text that dropped from enemies can be obtained again just by finding and killing the boss that dropped them. If you want to spend time making mules and hoarding all that crap it's up to you, but the way the game works there isn't much, if any, advantage to doing that.
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User Info: ZeroJinKui

4 years ago#10
ok, so... i can just go fight the bosses again, anytime i want, to get higher level versions of these weapons?

so how do i do that... i mean, some of these bosses were part of quests... do they just respawn in those areas like normal enemies, and i can go back as often as i want?

i recall hearing from someone on here that some bosses can NOT be fought again... which ones are those?

also, if everything you get becomes useless almost immediately, and there is absolutely no point in hoarding, even just to have a collection/gallery of cool looking weapons... why the hell did they include storage of ANY kind in this game?

i mean, what use is there for a bank, if you should just sell everything you get, since you can get the rares/legendaries again anytime you want, but stronger?

seems like it was just included as something to spend your money on.

whats the point of having multiple weapons? one of each is understandable, might as well put all that ammo to use... but no point in having more than one of each type of gun, right?

also, i WOULD just create some extra characters to store items on... but considering i'd have to fight my way back to sanctuary just so i can do that, it seems like too much trouble, and not helpful at all, since i'd have to train the characters in the southern shelf for days just so i can survive the boss battles again.

i like the game, but these guys really need to learn better game design... the storage is completely useless, unless you exploit a glitch, which i am sure they'll fix SOMEDAY... and the skill system is so strict, by time you can actually get any decent skills, they're useless because you'll have stronger gear and more health, etc... not to mention you have to be nearly maxed out just to get access the mediocre skills.

i might just save borderlands 2 as a co-op game, and not touch it unless im playing with friends... seems like it was made for multiplayer.

so, im gonna go back to farcry 3 and dishonored for awhile.
"You think you can just come here and attack us?"
"You must be crazy, or just plain stupid!"-Meng Huo
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