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User Info: Razor2602

4 years ago#11
mine was 20k got hit with slag licked glitch and then next time i looked it was 800k :/. If you really wanted to exploit you could delete all patches DLC and use slag enough to get the slag licked glitch and then go nuts but its a lot of effort but would give millions of Ba if you could be bothered

User Info: xxMZKAxx

4 years ago#12
You can find BA profiles all over the place. There used to be a guy on here that offered that kind of service I think. Can't recall his name, but a search might net you the info. As far as I know, its as simple as having someone reassigning a high BA profile to you

User Info: ChumpNorris

4 years ago#13

^ To farm your own tokens

^ For high Health profiles with a few that dont have to be resigned

^ For 546% in BA stats (if you scroll down to my post in the thread you can download and not have to resign them)

I did the orange weapon and cash thing a bunch before I started using the glitches. If you really want to get the points yourself and are willing to "cheat" by doing the orange wep/cash thing just use the glitches. :)
(No Resign Needed) My BL2 Profile: Health Bonus 3000%-Other Stats 200%

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