How do I start the Tiny Tina DLC?

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User Info: Drkr_Zen

4 years ago#11
Either this is the TC's first time popping the disc in, they don't pay attention or they're illiterate... just look for the location you've never seen before and go to it via fast travel. Doesn't get any more simple than that.
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User Info: phantom_blade66

4 years ago#12
AJM posted...
Remembering a long list of place names and spotting the new one, that's expecting common sense is it?

Why did you post? The tc had the answer, don't see the worth in your comment.

I had to internet it to find where to go.


A long list of places? It doesn't even make it to 2 dozen, since when is that long?

"Oh, hmm. All the other DLCs I had to fast travel to. Rawwr where is the new one I'm so angry. Instead of looking for a minute I go on the internet and rage on Gamesport board rawwr"

I posted because I have an opinion. By your logic, there's no worth in your comment either. Yet here we are.

User Info: JudeHavoc

4 years ago#13
I played Tiny Tina DLC on Normal mode with Maya without even finishing the main game story missions...just get yourself to Level 30 and Fast Travel(assuming you either have the Seasons Pass, or bought it seperetly) to Unasumming Docks. Cant be easier than that. I say Level 30 because if you want to play it on Normal mode the first time, it still is very difficult on Normal mode btw, I found it much more fun than playing on TVHM, or UVHM. Hopefully we get another piece of DLC, wont spoil much, but Maya does reference a new area.
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