Magic Missile grenades

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User Info: Baruch_S

4 years ago#1
Is it just me, or is this hands down the best grenade in the game? You get multiple missiles that seek targets, do good damage, and have a decent explosion radius, plus they're almost guaranteed to slag anything they hit. And they constantly regenerate ammo so you never run out of Magic Missiles if you pace yourself. A blue mod turned the last chapter of the DLC into a cakewalk for my Gunzerker, and I'd hate to see what a purple mod with 4 missiles could do.
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User Info: Buster_Duster

4 years ago#2
im not too far into the DLC yet, I found some lightning bolt mod off a sorcerer. is it a quest reward I should look out for?
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User Info: metroidblade

4 years ago#3
Chain lightning legendary is pretty insane it kills like 3 to 4 enemies almost every time.if not they die within a few seconds from the dot.on ba enemies it takes a big chunk

User Info: res_black_death

4 years ago#4
Are the upgraded versions rare drops from sorcerers? So far I've found the fireball, lightning bolt, and magic missile but not the others.

User Info: Tooz182

4 years ago#5
Yerp, the rare version is spectacular. It has relaced my previous versions of Slag grenades enitirely. From long range it makes your enemies no more than fish in a barrel.

The only time they seem to falter is narrow corridors with places they can hang up easy, or if the enemy is engaging on your location too quickly.
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