Moxxi Valentine's bosses

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User Info: Atreadon

3 years ago#1
Anyone have any tips for the boss battle (minor spoilers)

with the bride and groom? My wife and I have had little trouble with the main campaign and side quests and everything in the Moxxi headhunter up until that fight, which absolutely wrecked us. Repeatedly. I'm playing as Zer0, level 24, and she's Maya, level 23.

User Info: excalibur79

3 years ago#2
you need to kill them both before one can revive the other, they both become stronger after each revive. you can turn both of them into godliaths if you want to
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User Info: norights

3 years ago#3
Do run the bride and groom are faster than normal golaiths and if your playing ultimate vault hunter the minions will keep spawning and could be most of them have electric weapons so your sheild will go down quick and as the above person said you need to kill them together but try this seperate them golaiths attack others so its easy to seperate them then focus on one of them pay attention to their personel hp bar not the boss bar as soon as one is low enough to kill easy change targets and go for the other one and kill him/her when u do the survived one will try to revive them and won't attack you here u just use implosion grenades to drag them away while killing him/her
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User Info: Tooz182

3 years ago#4
Use singularity grenades. I makes knocking them both down at the same time pretty quickly. It can also helps to rip them away from a revive.
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User Info: Atreadon

3 years ago#5
Thanks for the suggestions, we'll give them a shot.


3 years ago#6
I played as a siren and was trying to prolong it for quite awhile to see if there was any hidden stuff...and when I was being chased, watch mini-map, just run straight at someone, Phaselock them, run under them, and the B/G will attack them instead.
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