Rubi or mordice's old sniper

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User Info: Sooner201

5 years ago#1
which one should i get rubi which is a pistol or mordeic's old sniper its a side quest

User Info: Melfice_07

5 years ago#2
I took the sniper because I like snipers. That was a bad choice however, because it's made by Dahl. And we all know why it should be illegal for Dahl to make sniper rifles... In BL2 atleast.

User Info: GoldenHawk777

5 years ago#3
Did that awhile ago.
I went with Mordicai'a gun and... it kinda sucks. For a sniper the bullets go really REALLY slow, and its a burst fire gun, so it takes the sniping outta sniper. By the time the bullets reach the target, the enemy has moved. So ya it just sucks.
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