C/D - Importing a save should treat you like a veteran instead of a newcomer

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User Info: bored_one

5 years ago#1
I think Borderlands 2 should at least contain additional references or assume you know what is going on.

No imported save:
Welcome to Pandora.
Random mercenary that happened to be in the right place at the wrong time
You are a complete stranger
Treated like an average newbie

Imported save:
Welcome back to Pandora.
Came specifically for the Vault
Everybody knows you as the descendant of whoever opened the vault (or some other character from the first game)
Treated like a veteran

I'm tired of playing sequels that don't know if you are a vet or new to the series, so they try to appeal to both sides and often times annoy both sides. If they pull off a Chapter 2 feel for the vets and a Book 2 feel for the newcomers, I would be impressed and definitely recommend Borderlands 2 to everybody.

User Info: Cantido

5 years ago#2

Tough call for me, but my understanding is that the transition between the two games will be more dramatic that it's played out to be, like the difference between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, and such a transition would not work.

Separating tutorials, maybe. Moving your level and stats, absolutely not.
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User Info: Mattheau

5 years ago#3
The game takes place a couple of years after the first game and the characters from that game are in it. The whole "descendent" thing makes no sense.

To be honest, I'm against it. The characters are brand new to Pandora, so getting an ego stroke for beating the first game is just going to seem jarring. Backstory wise, the characters from the first game were more or less "veterans" even though there was no save import. Why is this game going to be different?

User Info: Marikhen

5 years ago#4
IF the original four make a comeback as playable characters (which, IIRC, was at least hinted at if not outright confirmed as being possible to do after you do at least one playthrough with one of the new four) an import saved game option might make some sense, but it would have to somehow be limited so that it didn't make the game overly easy.

Otherwise any import feature would have to more or less be limited to finding a few items from the original character laying around in strategic locations or as the result of quests like "Turning over the soldier's grave" to rob Roland's grave or "The Wicked B**** of the Best" to kill a Lilith driven mad by her own power. /shrugs. Not something I see as particularly likely.
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